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Review Board 1.0 RC 1 Release Notes

Release date: May 3, 2009.

New Features

  • Added an activity indicator at the top of the page to show when a request is being made. Examples include saving a comment, marking a change as submitted, or saving fields on a review request. This appears as a small but eye-catching box at the top of the page with a spinner, letting the user know that the request is still being processed. (Bug #945)

  • Changed the Ship It column to show the number of reviews marked “ship it” next to the checkmark. This makes it easier to see at a glance how many people have signed off on the review request.

  • Drastically sped up the dashboard. (Bug #406)

    We were making a lot of queries in the dashboard, depending on the columns used. In a worst-case scenario, this resulted in a few hundred queries.

    A lot of work has gone into reducing the number, which both lightens the load on the database server and speeds up loading the page.

  • Added an All My Requests entry to the dashboard’s sidebar, which shows all open and submitted review requests that the user has made. Patch by Noah Miller. (Bug #503)

  • Added a field to the General Settings page for selecting the timezone. (Bug #1038)

  • Added URL, bug number, and review request ID linkification to reviews and replies. This works the same way that review request linkification works. (Bug #916)

  • Added support for using mod_fcgid on Apache through the generated fastcgi Apache configuration file. Patch by Mark Knittig.

  • Added x and c shortcut keys in the diff viewer for going to the previous/next comment. This is useful on French keyboards that don’t have [ and ] keys. (Bug #1031)

  • rb-site now warns about missing dependencies before starting the install, and limits configuration to what’s available. This prevents the case where people would get part-way through an install and see it fail due to a missing Python module or database server. (Bug #755, Bug #756)

  • Made the user selection fields in the administration UI more usable. They now display as a side-by-side view, with selected users on the right, and the list of users is searchable. Patch by Eric Huss. (Bug #912)

  • Improved compatibility with Active Directory servers, allowing for using a “custom search root” that administrators can override for specific setups, and for using the server’s “mail” field when available for e-mail addresses. (Bug #908)

  • Added subtle animations for the review draft banner, indicating whether we’re creating a new review or discarding one.

Bugs Fixed

  • The review request page was “jumpy” on load. The review request and review draft banners would display after the page loaded. We now display these along with the page, minimizing the jumpiness of the page.

  • Saved settings weren’t always taking effect until after the server was restarted. (Bug #734)

  • The comment dialog wasn’t appearing on screenshots. (Bug #1013)

  • The comment dialog width was incorrect when showing existing comments.

  • The Registration page wasn’t working after upgrading to beta 1 until you forced a save on the General Settings page. (Bug #1033)

  • Comment flags weren’t always being shown on diffs. (Bug #1028)

  • Site paths with spaces in the path resulted in broken web server configuration files. (Bug #1015)

  • We were redirecting to the review request page when just saving a review, instead of staying on the same page. (Bug #1056)

  • The left-hand side of a diff would be collapsed into a small column when showing an interdiff for a newly added file. (Bug #730)

  • rb-site didn’t properly allow for specifying a database host with a port number. Patch by Eric Huss.

  • Different versions of a diff fragment were being cached with the same cache key, causing display problems when switching between diffs and interdiffs containing new or deleted files. This also broke anchors in the diff viewer. (Bug #1036)

  • The review request page was caching the page contents without taking into account whether the user had a pending review or reply, making it appear as if the review/reply was lost.

  • Linkified URLs were breaking when the URL was followed by an entity. Part of the entity was being embedded in the URL, breaking both the URL and the display. (Bug #1069)

  • The black selection rectangle in the diff viewer was too far off to the left in Internet Explorer 8.

  • Fixed some speed issues and warnings in our PNG transparency support for Internet Explorer 6. (Bug #817)

  • LDAP and Active Directory broken on servers that don’t support “givenName” and “sn” fields. (Bug #891)

  • Bug tracker URLs that didn’t include a %s marker caused breakages on review requests using bug numbers. (Bug #1091)

  • The “Download Diff” link was displaying even when the diff wasn’t accessible. We now use the same rules as we use for the “View Diff” link. Patch by Eric Huss.

  • Clicking the edit icon (the pencil) on review requests sometimes caused the browser to scroll. (Bug #1057)