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Review Board 1.6.13 Release Notes

Release date: October 4, 2012

Web API Changes

  • The FileDiffComment resource was showing all comments for all files in a diffset. Now it’s taking into account the requested FileDiff. (Bug #2327)

    Patch by Allyshia Sewdat.

  • Passing ?shipit=0 to the ReviewRequests resource now returns all review requests that do not have a Ship It. (Bug #2635)

    Patch by Sampson Chen.

Bug Fixes

  • The headers shown on the diffs in e-mails are no longer broken.

  • The diff viewer no longer allows expansion to a function/class unless that function/class is defined within the collapsed region.

  • Failed diffs no longer break the diff viewer when the first file fails to patch.

    Patch by Tomasz Moń.

  • Fixed validation of bug tracker URLs. (Bug #1996)

    Custom bug tracker URLs are now properly validated to ensure that they contain a %s.

    Patch by Karl Leuschen.

  • Linked URLs with parenthesis in the URL no longer generate broken links.

    Patch by John Sintal.

  • Fixed problems with collapsing SVN keywords. (Bug #2134)

    Diffs were being created for files where the area surrounding keywords had changed, and the keywords were not being collapsed. This was happening for two reasons:

    • It couldn’t understand paths with two leading slashes

    • svn propget svn:keywords can return strings with non-space delimiters

    Patch by Nate Bragg.

  • Changes to new files in parent diffs are no longer styled wrong. (Bug #2389)

    Previously, changes to new files introduced in parent diffs would show the left-hand side of the diff shrunk and the right-hand side fully expanded, making it harder to review changes. This has now been fixed.

    Patch by Tina Yang.

  • Fix JavaScript errors when publishing reviews with screenshot comments. (Bug #2702)

  • The alt text for images in the dashboard now show the expected text and not Python representations of objects. (Bug #2747)


  • Allyshia Sewdat

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • John Sintal

  • Karl Leuschen

  • Nate Bragg

  • Tomasz Moń

  • Sampson Chen

  • Tina Yang