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Review Board 1.6.10 Release Notes

Release date: July 22, 2012

Welcome to the fastest release of Review Board yet.

New Features

  • The “x minutes ago” timestamps now update live on the page. No need to reload to see how long ago something was. This also helps with caching issues.

  • Added a RB_EXTRA_MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting for settings_local.py.

    This can be used to include additional Django middleware. It’s a specialized feature that is only really needed in very specific setups.

Performance Enhancements

This version of Review Board is the fastest ever. We have greatly tuned our database queries, session handling, and other bits of logic, and this makes a noticeable impact on performance. All pages load faster, particularly review requests, diffs, and the dashboard.

There’s still more we’ll do over the next few releases. In the meantime, given the level of changes needed for the optimizations in this release, there may be a bug here and there that we have not hit during our dogfooding.

Let us know if something is misbehaving that worked in previous releases and we’ll look into it.

API Changes

  • The new Hosting Service Account resource payload key has been changed from hosting-service-account to hosting_service_account.

Bug Fixes

  • Very large lines no longer slow Review Board to a crawl.

    Applying syntax highlighting and determining what changed within a line assumed that the length of a line wasn’t too huge. However, some minified files could reach hundreds of thousands of characters in length, and would easily break. Now, long lines (over 1,000 characters) have syntax highlighting and extra features turned off.

  • All errors that occur when verifying a repository should now be shown, instead of causing an HTTP 500 error.

  • Closing or reopening an issue no longer causes excessive checks for update notification bubbles.

  • Fixed compatibility issues with newer versions of Mercurial with version numbers containing a + in them. Patch by Dean Prichard.

  • Mercurial no longer forces an HTTP URL for downloading files from a repository when an HTTPS URL is specified. (Bug #2555)

  • Mercurial support on Google Code now works properly. Patch by Nate Skulic. (Bug #2585)

  • Fixed files in CVS that had v as the last character in the filename. We would attempt to strip the ,v at the end, but end up getting the v as well. (Bug #2613)


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Dean Prichard

  • Nate Skulic