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Review Board 2.0.22 Release Notes

Release date: February 22, 2016

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to Review Board 2.0.22, run:

pip install ReviewBoard==2.0.22


easy_install ReviewBoard==2.0.22

Security Updates

This release fixes two security issues we discovered this week in Review Board, which may impact installations that make use of private review requests (through invite-only review groups, private repositories, Local Site functionality.)

If a user had access to a review request, it could access the file attachments, legacy screenshots, and review request update metadata of another review request, even those that were private. This required either a brute-force attempt at looking up database IDs, or pre-existing knowledge of those IDs.

CVEs are pending.


If you use django-storages, make sure you’re using a recent version (we recommend 1.1.8 or newer), as this release exposes a bug in earlier releases.

New Features

  • Added tooltips to the file summary graphs in the diff viewer file list. (Bug #3812)

    The small circular graphs which show a summary of the size and type of changes to each file now have tooltips that list the exact number of added, removed, or changed lines.

    Patch by Evan Huntzinger.


  • Added the ability to set custom settings data for JavaScript extensions.

    JavaScript extensions (those using JSExtension) used to output all of an extension’s stored settings into the page. Extensions that want to limit that data, or provide a custom set of extension settings data, can override this using JSExtension.get_settings.


  • Diff validation now includes more detailed error messages.

    If a diff fails to validate due to an error communicating with the repository, the reported error would be that the diff could not be parsed. The Validate Diff List Resource now reports a much more detailed error that actually explains what went wrong.

Bug Fixes


  • Fix errors caused by trailing commas in a column sorting definition.

    Some search crawlers such as Bingbot can attempt to load a datagrid with a sort column list that had a trailing comma, causing a crash. This now filters out any invalid column names.

Review Requests

  • Fix incorrect “Are you sure you want to leave this page” pop-ups on Firefox. (Bug #3727)

    Editing fields in Firefox could cause an issue where the unsaved changes confirmation box was shown even when there were no unsaved changes.

    Patch by Mike Conley.


  • Repositories using git URLs with inline authentication credentials can now be successfully added.

    Patch by Matt Comben.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Evan Huntzinger

  • Matt Comben

  • Mike Conley