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Review Board 1.5 RC 2 Release Notes

Release date: September 19, 2010

New Features

  • Added Python 2.7 compatibility.

  • Added compatibility with PyLucene 3.x. Support for 2.x still remains. (Bug #1449)

  • Added support for review requests without diffs, for image/screenshot review.

    As more companies use Review Board, we’ve seen an increasing demand in using it just for image review. We’ve removed the restriction that a review request must have an associated diff. Users can choose to upload a diff label, or just keep it diff-free.

    Furthermore, users can now set their repository to (None - Graphics Only) when creating a review request, which makes it clear that the review request will be used for image review. In this mode, the review request can never have a diff uploaded.

API Improvements

  • Added support for the ?counts-only=1 query parameter for draft screenshot lists.

  • Renamed the draft screenshot resource key from draft-screenshot to draft_screenshot.

  • Added support for HTTP DELETE on screenshot draft resources.

  • Added the screenshot image URL in the screenshot resources.

  • Renamed the ?interdiff_revision= query parameter to ?interdiff-revision= on diff comment resources.

  • Removed support for HTTP PUT on review group resources. Issuing this command would just return an error.

  • Removed the unused whitespace_only data from the opcodes results in the per-file diff resource.

  • Added support for updating diff comments and screenshot comments on replies to reviews. This allows HTTP PUT to be used on these resources.

  • Fixed links to diff and screenshot comment resources when linked to from other resources.

  • The user resource resource no longer fails with usernames containing a period.

  • Added support for HTTP Accept mimetypes on all resources.

  • Fixed problems using ?api_format= on HTTP GET, PUT and POST resources.

Bug Fixes

  • Several usability problems with screenshot drag-and-drop have been fixed. In particular, we now guarantee that the drop area will be on-screen, which was a problem before on new review requests.

  • Fixed an Internal Server Error when using an SSH-based URL for a repository without using a username or password.

  • Fixed a CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) configuration problem for password recovery. The CSRF verification token wasn’t being set on the recovery form, preventing password recovery from working. (Bug #1723)

  • Repositories weren’t being set as visible by default, forcing administrators to specifically make it visible.

  • Some errors, such as File Not Found, was failing to show up on the New Review Request page.

  • Remote Git repositories using the raw URL method would fail when presented with a diff containing a short SHA1. We now verify during diff upload that only full SHA1s are used. (Bug #1517)

  • When failing to find an account in Active Directory, we were failing to fall back to built-in authentication, essentially locking out the locally created administration user. (Bug #1536)

  • Accessing a review request with a newly auto-created account (using LDAP, Active Directory, or NIS) would cause an Internal Server Error due to the user’s profile not having been created yet. (Bug #1718)

  • Gecos fields on NIS backends no longer causes authentication failures. (Bug #1793)