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Review Board 1.0.5 Release Notes

Release date: October 22, 2009

Feature Improvements

  • The New Review Request page has been improved to have larger fields, help text, and to be consistent with the Upload Diff dialog. It also now recommends post-review, describes it briefly, and provides a link to it. (Bug #1355)

Bugs Fixed

  • There were some bad security vulnerabilities in Django 1.1. We now require Django 1.1.1 or higher, which contains some important security fixes.

  • Binary files wouldn’t appear in the diff viewer. We were accidentally filtering out binary files. (Bug #1173)

  • Viewing a review request with no summary in the administration UI would fail with an error. We weren’t returning a proper unicode string in this case, breaking the administration UI. (Bug #1346)

  • The auto-size text areas were broken on Internet Explorer 6 and up. (Bug #1349)

  • Entering long bug numbers on a review request would fail, causing a TypeError to be thrown during the AJAX request, which would in turn cause the JavaScript to fail. We now support long bug numbers properly. Patch by Thilo-Alexander Ginkel and Vladimir Sitnikov. (Bug #1352)

  • The selection rectangle in the diff viewer wouldn’t update properly when expanding part of a diff. We now reset the position on expand so it’s not overlaying some random location. (Bug #1353)

  • Expanding of files in the diff viewer were broken in a previous release for some cases. We now expand files correctly again.

  • The Active Directory group enumeration logic was checking sAMAccountName instead of CN, causing problems in group enumeration. We now use the CN in the search query so that groups which have CNs that differ from their sAMAccountNames (e..g, if a “pre-Windows 2000” group name is set in Active Directory) will be included in the search results. Patch by Solomon Matthews.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Solomon Matthews

  • Thilo-Alexander Ginkel

  • Vladimir Sitnikov