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Review Board 2.0.20 Release Notes

Release date: September 14, 2015

Django Security Notice

Django 1.6.x is no longer maintained by the Django project, and will no longer be receiving security fixes directly. Since we still depend on this version, and will have users depending on it for years to come, we’re maintaining our own unofficial branch and handling all backports of security fixes to Django.

We highly recommend installing Django which contains all current Django security fixes, and will be continuing to release new versions as security vulnerabilities are discovered.

We cannot automatically install this yet, due to restrictions in pip, so you’ll need to be sure to upgrade manually for now.

We’ll continue to provide this notice for all affected releases of Review Board until we are able to auto-install the appropriate version of Django.

Please see our security announcement for instructions.


  • The is_enabled_for callback for NavigationBarHook now takes additional arguments.

    This will be given user, request and local_site_name arguments for the current page, allowing the extension to be smarter about which pages will display certain items.

    The old callback took only a user argument. Extensions should update their callbacks, though they’ll continue to work until at least Review Board 2.6.

Bug Fixes

Diff Viewer

  • *.txt files are no longer styled with red error boxes around each word.

    The wrong lexer was being loaded for the file due to an internal issue in a library we depend on. This caused text files to be interpreted as a special file type full of syntax errors.

  • Fixed syntax highlighting for certain language-specific keywords in diffs. (Bug #3809)

    Patch by Justin Wu.


  • Fixed Unicode issues with e-mail headers that could prevent some e-mails from being sent, depending on content.


  • Fixed a crash when loading comments for image file attachments. (Bug #3747)

    For image file attachments, the review request page would break when loading comments, due to an internal change made in 2.0.19. This problem should no longer occur.

  • Fixed the display of text file attachment thumbnails.

    The thumbnails had the possibility of overrunning the thumbnail and escaping some of the containing HTML when pulling from cache.


  • Blocked most browsers from auto-filling username/password information when configuring e-mail server or repository credentials.


  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Subversion 1.9’s new diff format changes.

    New files were being represented with different revision information than Subversion’s provide in the past. These led to issues posting new files for review. We now support these changes.


  • Alexey Neyman

  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Justin Wu