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Review Board 2.5.9 Release Notes

Release date: February 15, 2017


  • pytz 2015.1 or higher is now required. (Bug #4519)

    Newer versions are recommended. If older versions are required for packaging purposes, check to be sure there’s a pytz.exceptions module available.

New Features

  • Added support for browsing commits on Mercurial repositories in the New Review Request page. (Bug #4032)

    This requires Mercurial 3.9 or higher.

    Patch by André Klitzing.


  • Added additional information to the reviewboard.reviews.signals.review_request_reopened signal.

    Signal handlers can now make use of the old_status and old_public arguments to determine what the state of the review request was before it was reopened.

  • Fixed the My Account page not respecting the visibility of custom forms.


  • The User Resource now allows for displaying users who have been disabled (marked as “inactive”).

    To display these users, pass ?include-inactive=1 in the query. By default, these users are not returned, but can be accessed directly.

    Each user also now has a is_active field indicating this status.

  • Fixed a regression with logging in to Review Board using an API token.

  • Fixed a regression with the default ordering of results in comment-based resources.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when calling certain logging statements on older versions of Python. (Bug #4523)


  • Fixed a regression with the ordering of draft comments in the review dialog.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed problems copying text from the diff viewer in Firefox. (Bug #4518)


  • André Klitzing

  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond