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Review Board 1.5.1 Release Notes

Release date: November 20, 2010

New Features

  • Permission denied errors are shown when accessing unreachable local Git repositories. (Bug #1765)

    Previously, if a Git repository was used and there wasn’t sufficient file permissions to access it, a vague error saying that the repository was unreachable would appear. Now we check to find out if it’s a permissions error, and display an appropriate error message.

Performance Improvements

  • Reduce the number of SQL queries in the legacy JSON API.

    Some of the legacy API handlers performed more queries than necessary. We now perform fewer queries. Patch by Ben Hollis.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several small problems in the Admin UI from bundling Django media files.

    For historical reasons, we’ve always shipped the Django Admin media files as part of Review Board. This comes from a time before rb-site existed, when we needed a single media directory with everything inside it. However, it just introduces various compatibility problems these days. We now make use of the media files that are installed with Django.

  • Fixed a breakage in the diff viewer with SCons files. (Bug #1864)

    Any SCons files put up for review would break the diff viewer, due to a typo when looking up information on that type of file.

  • Added the Parent Diff field to the New Review Request page. (Bug #1651)

    The Parent Diff field was missing for Git, Bazaar, and Mercurial, making it impossible to upload a parent diff through the web UI when creating a new review request.

  • Fixed some common installation problems with the generated lighttpd.conf file. (Bug #1618, Bug #1639)

    Several installs with lighttpd would give 404 Not Found errors, due to some configuration problems in the sample config file.

  • Fixed support for multiple e-mail addresses assigned to a group. (Bug #1661)

    Multiple e-mail addresses for a group were supported, but broken in 1.5. We now split them out properly.

  • The screenshot area is no longer hidden immediately after uploading a screenshot.

  • Fixed an error in the web API when serializing to XML.

  • Fixed broken intervals for search updating in the generated crontab file.

    The intervals would cause a full index to happen at every minute at 2AM on Sundays, rather than only at 2AM.

  • Fixed an error when permanently deleting a review request.

    The administrator-specific ability to permanently delete a review request would succeed but generate an error page.

  • Fixed some compatibility problems with Django SVN.

    Production systems should never run against Django SVN, but for the purpose of development and forward-compatibility, we’ve made some changes to work with Django SVN. This does not ensure that it won’t break in the future.


  • Ben Hollis

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Mike Stoddart