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Review Board 1.0.4 Release Notes

Release date: October 4, 2009

Bugs Fixed

  • On CVS repositories, lookups would fail on older files still in revision control that have since been “removed” from the repository. We now check the CVS Attic paths for these files. (Bug #394)

  • Replying to a comment on an interdiff caused the new replies to not appear in the diff viewer or to have a valid link in the e-mails, as we weren’t storing the interdiff information on that new comment. (Bug #765)

  • Review requests without summaries (for example, newly created draft review requests) weren’t selectable in the administration UI. We now show a fake summary. (Bug #984)

  • On Google Chrome, the screenshot comment area would be wrong, showing comment boxes in the wrong place. New comments would also be placed in the wrong location. (Bug #1050)

  • On Google Chrome, the text areas would grow by a line with every key pressed. Patch by Cory McWilliams. (Bug #1145).

  • On Safari 4, the text areas wouldn’t auto-resize based on text.

  • On Firefox, the text areas would shrink too much when deleting text.

  • Uploading diffs were broken on Opera. (Bug #1167)

  • When entering bugs on a review request against a repository without a bug tracker URL, the Loading indicator would remain on the screen until the page was reloaded. (Bug #1195)

  • The group membership in the Active Directory backend is only checked when an actual restriction on the groups are active. Patch by Nikolai Prokoschenko. (Bug #1267)

  • The “Review Board” logo didn’t link to anything. It now links to the dashboard when logged in, or to the login page otherwise. (Bug #1308)

  • Usernames lookups containing leading or trailing whitespace no longer creates an invalid user from an LDAP, NIS or Active Directory backend. Whitespace around the usernames are now stripped when looking up or creating a user profile. (Bug #1309)

  • The “Review Board” text, logo and version number wasn’t displaying correctly on some browsers. It now displays properly on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. (Bug #1313)

  • If a diff was viewed while as part of the first draft of a review request, the server-side cache of the diff would contain broken links. (Bug #1334)

  • The New Review Request page could show a 500 Internal Server Error if the settings for a repository were invalid or a dependency was missing. We now simply filter the repository from the list and log the error.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Cory McWilliams

  • David Trowbridge

  • Nikolai Prokoschenko