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  • ~/src/projectgit checkout my-feature
    ~/src/projectrbt post HEAD
    Validating commits...
    Uploading commits...
    Review request #2 posted.
  • ~/src/projectgit checkout main
    ~/src/projectrbt land --push my-feature
    Merging branch "my-feature" into "main".
    Review request #2 has landed on "main".
    Pushing branch "main" upstream.
  • ~/src/projectcat ~/.reviewboardrc
    ALIASES = {
        'test-patch': (
            '!git clone . /tmp/test-repo-$1 &&'
            'cd /tmp/test-repo-$1 &&'
            'rbt patch $1'
    ~/src/projectrbt test-patch 123
    Cloning into '/tmp/test-repo-123'...
    Applying 1 patch from review request #123 (diff revision 1)
  • ~/src/projectrbt status
    |  Status  |         Review Request        |         Branch         |
    | Ship It! | r/123 - Fix a UI regression   | ui-work/regression-fix |
    | Draft    | r/128 - Redo session handling | sessions/refactor      |

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