CVS is a revision control system that helped pioneer the ability to have teams work together on the same code base in a safe, reliable way.

Though largely superseded by Subversion, Git, and others systems, CVS is still an important part of many open source and commercial products. Most code review solutions ignore CVS, but Review Board works well with CVS repositories, allowing you to review code with all the same abilities you would get with more modern systems.

All you need to know to get set up is your CVSROOT and your credentials. You'll be ready to review code in no time!

RBTools makes it simple to post code reviews against CVS right from your command prompt, like so:

$ rbt post

Made some changes to your code, and want to update your review request? That's as simple as running:

$ rbt post -u

To get started, download Review Board and RBTools. Once installed, follow our documentation on configuring repositories and posting changes for review.

What else does Review Board do?

Review Board gives you the tools you need to keep your code quality high, helping you build better products for happier customers. It integrates with many services and tools, including chat services, code hosting solutions, bug trackers, code analytics, and more.

Power Pack enhances Review Board further, providing document review, report generation, improved scalability, and more for your whole organization.

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