We're Here to Help!

Your products are important, which is why code review is such an important part of your development process. If the worst happens (say, corruption due to a freak power outage, or a bad OS upgrade), or you just need some help and guidance, you'll be glad to know that we're there for you.

We help companies around the world get the most out of Review Board by helping with server setups, repairing breakages, fixing bugs, providing best practices, optimizing servers, and just generally answering any questions that come up.

No matter your needs, we have a support option for you.

Community Support

All Review Board users are welcome to ask us questions and seek assistance on our community support group. It's a great option if you have general, non-urgent questions that don't need to expose confidential information.

We generally respond within a day or two, and other members of the community may weigh in to help you with your problem.

Basic Support Contracts

If you need more personal assistance, or are working with confidential information, a Basic Support contract may be best for you.

As part of a Basic Support contract, we offer:

  • Guaranteed responses by next day at the latest. We respond to most questions same day, particularly if it's an emergency.
  • All support requests are handled by the developers of Review Board, so you're guaranteed the best possible answers.
  • Personal assistance with installations and upgrades.
  • Troubleshooting for Review Board, RBTools, Power Pack, integrations with your repositories and authentication systems, and anything else product-related that we can help with.
  • Help with any other questions or problems you run into.

Premium Support Contracts

For larger companies, or those with mission-critical Review Board installs, we recommend a Premium Support contract.

Premium Support builds on the benefits of Basic Support, and includes:

  • Guaranteed same-day responses, usually within the hour. If there's an emergency 24/7/365, we'll be notified immediately.
  • Priority fixes for urgent bugs.
  • Backports of urgent fixes to older releases where possible.
  • Emergency repair for corrupted database or installs where possible (in the event of cancelled upgrades, power failures, etc.).
  • Phone/chat support (by appointment).

A support contract covers your production server and extends to any sandbox/testing servers you have. We factor in the number of production servers and the number of Review Board users into the price of a contract.