• Review documents and designs, not just code

    Source code is only one part of the software development process. PRDs, design proposals, end-user technical documentation, and patent disclosures are just a few of the numerous documents that get written, discussed, and edited along the way.

    Document review brings the same powerful, lightweight review process to PDF files that developers have enjoyed for their source code. Documents are displayed right in the browser without a need for any plug-ins or extra software to be installed.

  • See how documents evolve through diffs

    Nobody wants to re-read the same document with every new update. Instead, focus only on what changed by diffing two revisions of the PDF document side-by-side. All text changes made in the document will be highlighted in red and green, much like a code diff.

    The sidebar provides a quick reference of all the text changes throughout the document, so you won't need to scroll through dozens or hundreds of pages looking for changes.

    Diffing works with any PDF documents containing embedded text. This includes PDFs exported from Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and almost anything using Print to PDF.

  • Track team productivity with reports

    The best teams and organizations are always looking for ways to be even more efficient, no matter how big or small they are. By getting insight into how your developers are taking advantage of code review, you can develop more cost-effective processes and policies, saving your team time and money.

    Reports gives you several powerful ways of looking at how your developers are taking advantage of Review Board. Our at-a-glance graphs will show you who is pulling their weight, how thoroughly code is being reviewed, and more.

    Plus, who doesn't like pretty pictures?

  • Review code stored on enterprise-level services

    Power Pack adds support for several source code management services for the enterprise, helping you review your code whether managed online or in your network.

    The following services are currently supported by Power Pack:

  • Scale up your installation

    Most Review Board installations work fine running on a single server, but some very large installations with many thousands of users may require additional hardware for speed or fault tolerance.

    Power Pack includes facilities for storing auxiliary data like SSH keys in the database rather than on the front-end server's filesystem, which allows you to add capacity by spinning up additional servers as needed.