IBM Rational ClearCase

An enterprise-grade configuration management system that provides highly secure version control with work and build management support, plus strong integration with other IBM solutions.

ClearCase is an enterprise-level source code management solution by IBM, with deep integration into other IBM development products.

Review Board integrates with ClearCase, letting you review changes against your VOBs using our advanced review capabilities like issue tracking for comments, moved code detection, file attachment review, multi-line commenting, and more.

Support for ClearCase is provided by Power Pack, our add-on product for Review Board. With Power Pack, you can configure ClearCase VOBs as repositories, allowing your developers to post code for review against your VOBs.

RBTools makes it simple to post code for review right from your command prompt, like so:

$ rbt post
Validating commits...
Uploading commits...

Review request #2 posted.


You can post changes in a branch:

$ rbt post brtype:my_dev_branch
Validating commits...
Uploading commits...

Review request #3 posted.


Or specific changesets using file@@revision1:file@@revision2 pairs:

$ rbt post /vobs/proj/file.c@@/main/0:/vobs/proj/file.c@@/main/1
Validating commits...
Uploading commits...

Review request #4 posted.


Made some changes to your code or your change message and want to update your review request? Just run using -r with your review request ID:

$ rbt post -r 123
Validating commits...
Uploading commits...

Review request #123 posted.


You can see more examples in the RBTools ClearCase documentation.

To get started, download Review Board and RBTools, and then get a free Power Pack trial license. Once installed, follow our documentation on configuring repositories and posting changes for review.

What else does Review Board do?

Review Board gives you the tools you need to keep your code quality high, helping you build better products for happier customers. It integrates with many services and tools, including chat services, code hosting solutions, bug trackers, code analytics, and more.

Power Pack enhances Review Board further, providing document review, report generation, improved scalability, and more for your whole organization.

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