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Review Board 2.0.12 Release Notes

Release date: January 7, 2015

Upgrade Notes

  • This release contains database schema changes to the reviews_review, reviews_reviewrequest, reviews_reviewrequestdraft, and accounts_profile tables for the new Markdown support.

New Features

  • Added support for toggling Markdown per-field.

    In 2.0, we introduced support for Markdown. All text fields in the UI were Markdown-capable, and all new text was sent in Markdown.

    Now, Markdown is optional and is stored per-field. When editing text, you can toggle whether Markdown will be used for that field. This applies to all review request fields, comments, reviews, and replies.

    When in Markdown mode, the text fields will continue to be syntax-highlighted. When in text mode, Review Board will use the browser’s standard textarea widget, enabling usage of spell-checking capabilities if supported by the browser.

    Custom fields provided by extensions will gain this support automatically.

  • Added a user option for setting whether to use Markdown by default.

    The My Account page now has an Always use Markdown for text fields setting for choosing whether text fields will edit in Markdown by default. If set, all text fields, regardless of the type of text stored on the review request, will begin editing in Markdown mode. If unset, Markdown will only be used if the text field already contained Markdown text, or if Markdown is chosen when editing the text.

  • Reduced e-mail recipients when adding reviewers to review requests.

    When adding new reviewers (either users or groups) to a review request without updating any other fields, Review Board will now only send e-mails to those new reviewers, rather than to all existing reviewers. This helps to limit the number of e-mails going out when bringing people into the review process.

  • Added support for adding repositories on Kiln.

  • Added support for adding bug trackers on FogBugz.

Usability Improvements

  • The log in page now focuses the username field by default. (Bug #3643)

    Patch by Jessica Yuen.


  • Added a new hook for registering hosting services.

    The new HostingServiceHook allows an extension to register a new hosting service. It will handle registering when the extension is enabled and unregistering when disabled.

    Patch by Justin Maillet.

  • Extensions can now take advantage of the features available in LessCSS 1.7.5.

    Previously, Review Board was using LessCSS 1.5.1. We now ship 1.7.5, which provides a number of enhancements.

  • Callbacks attached by a SignalHook are now provided with an extension parameter pointing to the extension instance.

    Patch by Justin Maillet.

  • Improved sandboxing throughout the product.

    Most hooks and other integration points are now properly sandboxed, preventing Review Board from crashing if an extension raises an exception.

    Patches by Justin Maillet.


  • Added support for fine-grained text types for text fields on several models.

    Review Request Resource, Review Request Draft Resource, Review Resource, and Review Reply Resource all have new fields associated with text fields that indicate the text type of that field. For example, body_top_text_type indicates the text type of the body_top field.

    Previously, a single text_type field indicated the text types of all fields. This is now deprecated, and will not contain a value in the resulting payload for these resources.

    However, setting text_type, for compatibility reasons, will update the fine-grained text type fields.

  • Added ?include-text-types= for many resources to include alternate text conversion in payloads.

    This takes a comma-separated list of text types (html, markdown, plain, or raw). The payload will contain a type_text_fields dictionary for each type, with all text fields represented and converted to the requested type.

    Specifying raw will provide the original values for the fields. This is useful when using this in conjunction with ?force-text-type=.

    When issuing a PUT or POST request, the caller can POST/PUT an include_text_types= field instead.

    This replaces the now deprecated ?include-raw-text-fields=, which was added in 2.0.9.

  • Group display names are no longer valid values when updating a review request draft’s target_groups field.

    This was never documented as being a supported value, and can cause errors when a display name matches another group name.

  • Attempting to add invalid users to a review request draft’s target_people field no longer causes the field to be emptied.

  • Errors involving commit IDs now say “commit ID” instead of “change number.”

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed several issues with running in a multi-threaded server environment.


  • Fixed the rendering of Markdown-rendered text to better match expectations.

    We try to keep our Markdown rendered output as close as possible to the source text’s formatting. We’ve massively improved this in the following ways:

    • Blank lines in the source text will now appear in the rendered text, no matter how many.

    • Code blocks no longer have exactly 2 blank lines after. It’s now based on the number added in the source text.

    • Line breaks in lists are preserved.

    • Long lines of text inside an ordered list item are now wrapped consistently.

    • Ordered lists can now start at any number.

  • Fixed Markdown escaping of > characters.

    When escaping plain text for use in Markdown, > characters are no longer escaped unless they’re used for blockquotes or auto-links (like <user@example.com or <http://example.com>). This means that <h1> will no longer render as <h1\>.

  • Fixed Markdown escaping of certain lines that look like ordered list items.

    If a line started with a number like 1.2., it was treated like a list and escaped, despite not being a list. The escaping logic is now smarter, and will only escape true ordered list items like 1..


  • Fixed batch closing of review requests on Local Sites. (Bug #3561)


  • Fixed a case where the Get e-mail notifications for my own activity setting was being ignored. (Bug #3681, Bug #3684).

    If a user was explicitly listed in a review request along with being a member of a group assigned to a review request, the setting would be ignored.

    Patch by Erik Lattimore.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed a regression in selecting text on diffs introducing a new file. (Bug #3661)

  • Moved files with no changes are no longer patched.

    Patching could cause the file to break when showing it. Now, they should appear correctly in all cases.

  • Fixed encoding issues with some types of repositories (generally Perforce) when dealing with files marked as binary that are not actually binary.

File Attachments

  • Fixed a rare issue where file attachments could disappear if removing them from a review request during server problems.

    If the web server or database server happened to have problems at just the wrong moment when deleting a file attachment from a review request, the attachment wouldn’t end up in the list of deleted file attachments. We now add to this list before removing from the main list of attachments.

  • Missing file attachments no longer break review requests.

    If a file attachment is missing from the database, the review request owning that attachment will continue to load without breaking.

  • Fixed Unicode issues when rendering Markdown file attachments.

Review Requests

  • Attempting to add invalid users to a review request’s list of target reviewers no longer causes the field to be emptied.

  • Fixed a review reply banner remaining on the screen if discarding a review twice.

  • Fixed visual issues when publishing a reply to a review and then publishing a follow-up reply without reloading the page.

  • Pasting certain illegal (for XML) characters like Form Feeds will no longer break the page when attempting to render the “Review request changed” box for that field.

  • Fixed style inconsistencies between review request fields and their changes in the “Review request changed” boxes.

  • Re-introduced some fixes for the auto-complete widget, now that we have fixed some regressions:

    • The first item in the auto-completion dropdown list will only replace the input text if the input text is a prefix for the item. (Bug #3444)

      Patch by Andrew Hong.

    • The comma key no longer triggers auto-completion. (Bug #3444)

      Now, only Tab and Enter trigger auto-completion of the selected item.

      Patch by Andrew Hong.

    • Pressing Delete no longer hides the auto-completion dropdown.

      Patch by Andrew Hong.

New Review Request Page

  • Fixed filtering commits on GitHub by branch.


  • Fixed a Unicode compatibility issue in some setups when talking to an Active Directory server. (Bug #3656)

    Patch by Erik Lattimore.

  • Fixed a breakage in the LDAP and Active Directory backends if attempting to authenticate with a username represented as a non-Unicode string. (Bug #3528)


  • Fixed a typo in the default encoding for source code on repositories.

    Patch by Dmitry Vasiliev.


  • CVS/RCS keywords in source code and diffs no longer cause errors when viewing the diff.


  • Fixed a “P4Exception” error that could occur under some circumstances. (Bug #3683)


  • Andrew Hong

  • Azad Salahli

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Dmitry Vasiliev

  • Erik Lattimore

  • Jessica Yuen

  • Justin Maillet

  • Yanjia Xin