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Review Board 1.6.19 Release Notes

Release date: October 10, 2013

Security Fixes

This release contains security updates to better lock down access to private information on Review Board, when making use of the Local Sites, invite-only groups, or private repository features.

These issues were discovered internally, and we are not aware of any cases of them being used in the wild. They do not affect servers not using the above features. However, we still recommend upgrading immediately.

  • Some API resources returned information on private review requests the caller did not have access to (by way of an invite-only group, private repository, or Local Site), if the appropriate database IDs were known or discovered. (CVE-2013-4410)

  • Summaries for private review requests were displayed on the All Review Requests page, on the review request list on a user’s page, and through a specially crafted dashboard URL. (CVE-2013-4411)

Bug Fixes

  • The Watched Review Requests REST API now works with Local Sites. Previously, it didn’t look up or store review requests correctly unless they were global.

  • File attachments with longer destination file paths are now stored without truncating the filename (up to a path length of 512).


  • Christian Hammond