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Review Board 1.5.2 Release Notes

Release date: January 10, 2011

Important Updates

  • Users using existing WSGI configurations must update their configuration for authentication with the new API to work.

    By default, the HTTP_AUTHORIZATION flag we use for authentication is stripped from requests when using WSGI. For new sites created with Review Board 1.5.2, you won’t encounter any problems, but existing users will have to update their configuration to make this work.

    To fix this, add the following to your configuration:

    WSGIPassAuthorization On

    And make sure you have this line as well:

    WSGIScriptAlias "/" "/path/to/site/htdocs/reviewboard.wsgi"

    If you have a subdirectory installation, replace "/" with the subdirectory (and include a trailing slash).

New Features

  • Added SSH key management for SSH-backed repositories.

    A new SSH settings page has been added to the administration UI for creating a new SSH key, uploading an existing SSH key, or viewing a configured SSH key. This SSH key will be owned and managed by Review Board, and can be used for working with SSH-backed repositories.

    After Review Board is configured with a SSH key, the SSH settings page will show information on the SSH key, including the public key. The public key can be used on the repository’s end to grant Review Board permission to access the repository.

  • Authentication failures when setting up repositories are now more useful.

    When failing to authenticate with a repository, we provided a very unhelpful error talking about the username and password being wrong. However, sometimes the username/password aren’t even allowed, and the real factor is the public key. In those cases, the user wouldn’t even know.

    Now we refrain from mentioning specifics, but instead list of authentication types we know were tried. This of course assumes the backend is using this new error, which right now is only used for SSH errors.

    When we get an authentication error that mentions that a public key is an acceptable form of authentication, and no public key has been generated on the server, we tell the user this and give them a link (which opens in a new tab/window) to generate a new key.

  • Added our own SSH replacement for standardizing on behavior and working around OpenSSH limitations.

    We now provide our own SSH wrapper that allows us to use a Review Board installation’s configured SSH key. OpenSSH and possibly other SSH implementations used the web server’s user’s home directory, and this was often hard-coded on systems to a non-writable directory, preventing SSH from working out of the box.

    This shouldn’t affect any access to repositories negatively, but any issues that do come up should be reported so we can diagnose them.

  • The Repository page in the administration UI now talks about API Tokens and links to the GitHub Account page for Git repositories, making it easier to set up a GitHub repository.

API Fixes

  • Fixed logging in on requests using HTTP Basic Auth.

    There were issues preventing proper login when using HTTP Basic Auth. Sending an HTTP_AUTHORIZATION header would fail to log in the user if it wasn’t in response to a HTTP 401 Unauthorized. This meant that clients couldn’t log in with their first request, and users wouldn’t know that the credentials were invalid until later.

    Now clients can send a HTTP_AUTHORIZATION with any request to trigger a log in.

  • Fixed wrong responses when performing a request requiring authentication as an anonymous user.

    Any request made that required a logged in user would return an HTTP 403 Forbidden, instead of requesting that the client log in. Now it’ll send HTTP 401 Unauthorized instead, prompting the client to log in.

  • Fixed anonymous access to the API when anonymous access is enabled.

    Even when the Review Board server is set to allow anonymous access, the API wouldn’t always allow access without first logging in. Now the anonymous access setting is being checked correctly.

  • Fixed replies to screenshot comments in the new web API.

    While saving a reply would appear to work, it would never be associated with the review.

  • Fixed removing screenshots from review requests.

    The API now allows for removing screenshots from a review request draft by sending a HTTP DELETE to the screenshot’s resource.

  • Changed the request when doing a HTTP PUT on a review request draft.

    Previously, when doing an HTTP PUT with public= on a draft, the response would be a HTTP 303 See Other, which redirected to the draft. While useful in theory, this made any interaction with in-browser AJAX libraries impossible, as the browser would hide the redirect, preventing the client from properly handling the request or even really returning the expected result (JSON or XML).

    Now, we just return the same payload that other updates to the resource returned, which is more consistent and reliable. The result will contain the draft of the review request.

  • Fixed search queries in /api/users/.

    Passing ?fullname= to the users resource would result in an HTTP 500 error. The query being constructed on the server was wrong.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with SSH host checking on Git repositories.

    SSH host checking on Git repositories was busted when using the user@address:/path form, without a leading ssh://. We were using the raw provided path, and not the normalized path, when doing the verification. Since it didn’t appear as a SSH path, the host wasn’t checked.

  • Fixed support for private GitHub repositories.

    SSH URLs containing a username weren’t being parsed correctly, leading to a problem when attempting to access private GitHub repositories and other SSH-backed repositories.

    We also weren’t matching private GitHub repositories in the repository page in the administration UI.

    This should fix problems for both standard and organization repositories.

  • The API Token for GitHub repositories are now extracted properly in the Repository page in the administration UI.

  • Fixed extra whitespace highlight toggling.

    There were bugs in toggling extra whitespace highlighting for loaded diffs. Now it should work for all diffs. Patch by Mikhail Rogozhin.

  • Images on the dashboard are now cached, reducing the number of requests made to the server. Patch by Ben Hollis.

  • Disabled auto-complete and default values for the repository username/password fields.

    Web browsers like to supply defaults for username/password fields, based on any account on the site, but these are almost always wrong for the repositories. We now turn off the autocomplete flag on these fields to tell the browsers not to fill in the fields or offer auto-complete.

  • Support for Amazon S3 now works again with new versions of Django Storages.

  • Authentication with the new API now works with new Apache+wsgi setups.

    By default, mod_wsgi prevents our API’s authentication from working. The WSGIPassAuthorization On setting must be added to the Apache configuration file. This is now added for brand new sites.

  • Fixed some rewrite rule for fastcgi.

    The RewriteRules for fastcgi referenced /docs/ and not /errordocs/, causing the error pages to not show up correctly. It also failed to work with mod_fastcgi at all, only mod_fcgid.

    This fix only applies to new installs. Existing installs will have to modify their RewriteRules manually to:

    <IfModule mod_fcgid.c>
        RewriteRule ^/(media.*)$ /$1 [QSA,L,PT]
        RewriteRule ^/(errordocs.*)$ /$1 [QSA,L,PT]
    <IfModule mod_fastcgi.c>
        RewriteRule ^/(media.*)$ /$1 [QSA,L,PT]
        RewriteRule ^/(errordocs.*)$ /$1 [QSA,L,PT]
  • Fix 404 errors with newly generated lighttpd.conf files.

    Several installs with lighttpd have been causing 404 errors due to a broken The generated lighttpd.conf now contains a rewrite rule that fixes this.

    For existing installations, add the following to your url.rewrite-once block:

    "^(/reviewboard.fcgi.*)$" => "$1",
  • Fixed errors when passing a non-integer value for ?show_submitted= on the dashboard or other review request listings.

    This wasn’t really a user-facing problem, but could cause spurious log messages under certain conditions, such as when certain search bots crawled the site. Patch by Severin Gehwolf.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to log SSH-related problems.

  • The contributed svn-hook-postcommit-review script wasn’t parsing the base path correctly. Patch by Lance Hudson.


  • Ben Hollis

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Lance Hudson

  • Mikhail Rogozhin

  • Severin Gehwolf