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Review Board 1.7.21 Release Notes

Release date: January 14, 2014

New Features

  • Added support for GitLab servers.

    GitLab is a popular self-hosted alternative to GitHub and other similar services. This release supports public and private personal and group repositories on self-hosted GitLab servers.

    Repositories on GitLab can be added through the Add Repository page. Simply select GitLab from the list of hosting services and fill in the fields.

  • Added support for the Unfuddle service.

    Unfuddle is a service that provides Git and Subversion hosting, as well as numerous other features for project management and task tracking.

    Repositories on Unfuddle can be added through the Add Repository page. Simply select Unfuddle from the list of hosting services and fill in the fields.

  • Added support for publicly accessible Local Sites.

    A Local Site can now be set to be public, allowing non-members to post or view review requests, or to participate in discussions.

    This is still experimental, and as a non-member, there are things users cannot do. For example, they will not receive e-mails for changes they’re involved in, and cannot join any review groups on the Local Site.

Performance Improvements

  • Massively improved render time of large diffs,

    We made a change to our diff algorithm that should provide a substantial speed boost for large diffs. These could take some time to generate before, but now we cut short some of the calculations if they’re deemed too expensive.

    In testing, this has dropped render time for some very large diffs from a minute to a less than 10 seconds.

    This will not affect existing diffs, only newly uploaded diffs. Please let us know if you see any regressions or breakages.

API Changes

  • Added new query parameters for filtering lists of repositories.

    The repository list resource now accepts the following arguments for filtering the list of repositories:

    • ?name= - Comma-separated list of repository names.

    • ?path= - Comma-separated list of paths or mirror paths.

    • ?name-or-path= - Comma-separated list of strings matching either repository names or paths/mirror paths.

    • ?tool= - Comma-separated list of registered SCMTool names (“Git”, “Subversion”, etc.)

    • ?hosting-service= - Comma-separated list of registered hosting service names.

    • ?username= - Comma-separated list of usernames for accessing the repository or hosting service account.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues verifying and accessing files for Subversion repositories on Beanstalk.

  • Fixed issues accessing properties on Subversion repositories on some hosting providers that require authentication.

  • The activity widget in the administration UI now shows data for the current day.

    Patch by Michael Zhilin.

  • Fixed issues where the activity widget could break, depending on the date range. (Bug #3068)

  • Fixed a regression in error messages provided when setting up a GitHub repository.

  • Fixed links in e-mails to file attachments stored on CDNs.

  • Removed an unnecessary external image included in e-mails. (Bug #3080)

    Patch by Leo Shklovskii.

  • Users no longer on a LocalSite will be excluded from any e-mails on review requests or reviews they were previously involved in.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Leo Shklovskii

  • Michael Zhilin