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Review Board 2.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: May 26, 2014

New Features

  • The condensediffs management command now shows the progress of the condensing operation.



  • Added sandboxing for ReviewRequestFieldSets.

    Custom ReviewRequestFieldSets provided by extensions are now better sandboxed, which helps to prevent crashes in Review Board if there’s an error in the fieldset code.

    Patch by Edwin Zhang.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the documentation links to point to the 2.0 manual.

  • Fixed resetting user passwords. (Bug #3358)


  • Markdown auto-escaping now escapes _ in words, to prevent a rendering issue.

  • Fixed leading whitespace in paragraphs.

Review Requests

  • The draft banner wouldn’t always show up after editing a published review request. (Bug #3352)

  • The “Last Updated” timestamp is once again updated when new reviews are posted. (Bug #3374)

  • The Upload Diff dialog no longer allows you to click Upload without the fields being filled in. (Bug #3338)

    Patch by Salam Al-yahya.

  • Fixed a breakage with posting review requests with duplicate commit IDs. (Bug #3329)

    Attempting to post two review requests with the same commit ID on a repository would cause the review request to become inaccessible and return an HTTP 500. Now, an error message is shown in this case instead, allowing the owner to fix the problem.

    Patch by Matthew Maclean.

Diff Viewer

  • Posting diffs against Perforce no longer strips the depot path, which was causing breakages.

  • Fixed a consistency issue with the file index’s row heights when loading diffs. (Bug #3361)

  • Fixed loading diffs on Local Sites.

New Review Request Page

  • Fixed issues posting diffs against Subversion when the diff contents contained Unicode characters. (Bug #3353)

My Account Page

  • Fixed the styling of titles in the My Account page.


  • Fixed issues upgrading from old versions of Review Board.

  • Fixed memory usage issues with the condensediffs management command. (Bug #3370)

  • Repository bug tracker URLs with an extra %s in the URL no longer cause breakages. (Bug #3033)

    In the case of an extra %s, the user will now get a warning and advice on how to escape the character.

    Patch by Volodymyr Lyubinets.

  • Fixed compatibility issues with importing some Python modules.

    Some Python modules that Review Board depends on would be packaged in a way that prevented us from properly checking if they exist. This could happen with Pillow, for instance. We now check modules in a more compatible way.

  • Added the missing .phtm file extension to the file upload security checks.


  • Fixed the inability to use a MANIFEST.in when packaging extensions.

  • Fixed race conditions in a threaded environment (such as mod_worker) when reloading extensions.

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows when deploying media files. (Bug #3367)

Experimental Web Hooks

  • Fixed extracting commit IDs from Bitbucket Web Hook payloads.

    When using the new experimental “close-submitted” Web Hooks with Bitbucket, commit IDs couldn’t be used to look up the review request to close. This was due to an error in which field in the Web Hook payload we looked up.

    Patch by Christopher Orr.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Christopher Orr

  • David Trowbridge

  • Edwin Zhang

  • Matthew Maclean

  • Salam Al-yahya

  • Volodymyr Lyubinets