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Review Board 2.0.19 Release Notes

Release date: August 24, 2015

Security Updates

Django 1.6.x is no longer maintained by the Django project, and will no longer be receiving security fixes directly. Since we still depend on this version, and will have users depending on it for years to come, we’re maintaining our own unofficial branch and handling all backports of security fixes to Django.

We’ve released Django, containing all current Django security fixes, and will be continuing to release new versions as security vulnerabilities are discovered.

We cannot automatically install this yet, due to restrictions in pip, so you’ll need to be sure to upgrade manually for now.

Please see our security announcement for instructions.

New Features

  • Added a X-ReviewBoard-Diff-For header for file-based e-mail filtering.

    E-mails now contain a X-ReviewBoard-Diff-For header for each file that was modified in the diff. In the case of a moved or copied file, both the source and destination file names are added. Otherwise only the relevant file names (source in the case of deleted and destination in the case of new) are added.

  • Added new headers for filtering review request e-mails.

    E-mails for reviews containing a Ship It! will include a X-ReviewBoard-ShipIt header. If the review doesn’t contain any other content (for instance, if it’s the result of the pressing the Ship It! button), it will also contain a X-ReviewBoard-ShipIt-Only header.


  • The Ship It! button and Publish Review button in the review dialog will now show any PublishErrors sent by an extension.

    Patch by Mark Côté.

  • Added new extension hooks for manipulating the recipient list for review and review request e-mails.

    The new EmailHook allows an extension to designate new lists of recipients for all the review/review request e-mails that Review Board sends. They can update both the To and CC lists for any e-mail.

    These take lists of signals the hook should listen to for the various events (such as review_request_published). As a convenience, callers can make use of one of the subclasses for specific events:

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed “environment can only contain strings” errors on Windows.

    This helps resolve issues with using Power Pack on Windows.



  • Fixed linking to URLs, /r/<id>/ and bug numbers in text.

  • Fixed loading newly-saved comments in diffs and file attachments when saving as plain text.

    The comments would appear with the text interpreted as Markdown, but the Markdown checkbox unchecked. It now behaves like all other fields, factoring in the comment’s state and the “Always use Markdown for text fields” setting in the My Account page.

  • Opening and closing editors no longer results in review request or review drafts.


  • Fixed usage of SSH storage backends when calling out to rbssh.

    This restores compatibility with some repository types when using Power Pack.


  • Fixed Unicode errors when normalizing keywords in CVS diffs. (Bug #3931)


  • Fixed Unicode errors when parsing SVN diffs containing accented characters in the revision strings.

    Patch by Maxime Besson.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Mark Côté

  • Maxime Besson