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Review Board 1.1 Alpha 1 Release Notes

Release date: September 20, 2009

New Features

Review Requests

  • An update bubble now appears in the lower-right of the review request page when a new diff is uploaded, the review request is updated, or a new review or reply has been posted. The bubble tells what updated, by who, and allows updating the page.

  • Improved the auto-complete of users and groups when specifying reviewers. We now search the username, first name and last name of people, and both the group name and group’s display name for groups. The full name for users and display name for groups are shown next to the username and group name in the auto-complete dropdown. (Bug #598)

  • Screenshots can now be uploaded by dragging from the file manager into the review request. This functionality currently requires a modern Google Gears on a supported browser. (Note that as of Google Gears, support with Firefox 3.5+ is broken. This should be fixed in an upcoming release).

  • Uploading screenshots no longer causes the page to reload. They’re now uploaded and inserted directly into the page.

  • Pending changes on Perforce servers now have a “(pending)” indicator next to the change number.

Diff Viewer

  • Added the ability to toggle the visibility of whitespace-only lines in the diff viewer. New Show Whitespace changes and Hide Whitespace changes buttons dynamically toggle whether lines containing only whitespace changes (such as the addition or removal of trailing whitespace) should be shown in the diff viewer. This can help cut down large diffs that contain many lines of whitespace changes.

    This functionality was written by Eduardo Felipe Castegnaro as part of his 2009 Google Summer of Code project.

  • An update bubble now appears in the lower-right of the diff viewer when a new diff is uploaded. The bubble tells what updated, by who, and allows updating the page.

E-Mail Support

  • Review Board now sends HTML e-mails. The e-mails are structured similarly to the review request page, and show the fragments of the diffs and screenshots that are being commented on. It also shows any thumbnails on the review request and has links to associated bugs.

    E-mail clients set to disallow HTML e-mails will continue to see the old plain text e-mails.

  • Added X-ReviewBoard-URL and X-ReviewRequest-URL headers to all e-mails sent out. These can be used for advanced filtering of e-mails into different folders. X-ReviewBoard-URL contains the URL to the Review Board server, and X-ReviewRequest-URL contains the URL to the particular review request undergoing discussion.

User Accounts and Authentication

  • Users who lost their passwords can now reset their password on the login screen. An e-mail will be sent to their account with instructions on resetting the password.

  • Added the ability to use X.509 certificates for authenticating users. This is useful for Review Board servers in environments with a Public Key Infrastructure set up. Patch by Nathan Heijermans.

Administration UI

  • Made it easier to configure Review Board with various bug trackers and code hosting services. The Repository configuration page now gives administrators the option of choosing between various hosting services (currently Bitbucket, GitHub, Google Code, or SourceForge) and bug trackers (Bitbucket, Bugzilla, Google Code, Redmine, SourceForge, or Trac).

    When chosen, the more complex fields such as the repository URL go away, and simpler fields such as the project name will appear. This makes the process of configuring Review Board with public services much easier.

  • Added remote Git support. Previously, Review Board required local clones of a Git repository that were always up-to-date. Now we support a form of remote Git by downloading raw files over HTTP. This does require certain setups on the Git server, though.

    Git itself doesn’t give us the remoting abilities we normally require, but if the Git repository is set up with a web repository browser (such as Gitosis, cgit, gitweb, or GitHub), then a special “raw file” URL can be set that will allow Review Board to download the required file over HTTP. When using the GitHub hosting service configuration in the Repository page, this is automatically set.

  • Default Reviewer entries can now be tied to one or more repositories. By default, they still cover all known repositories. The Default Reviewers configuration page has also been revamped for better usability and error checking.

  • A Server Log page has been added for viewing the server log file, filtering it, and sorting it. Lines are color-coded based on severity. You can get to this new page by clicking Server Log on the Administration Dashboard.

  • The tab bar for the Settings pages now shows the current page you’re on. Patch by Eduardo Felipe Castegnaro.

Bug Fixes

(These are bugs fixed since the 1.0.3 release. Bugs in this list may end up in future 1.0.x releases before Review Board 1.1 is out.)

  • When using Active Directory, group membership is now only checked when an actual restriction on groups is active. (Workaround for Bug #1267)


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Eduardo Felipe Castegnaro

  • Helder Ribeiro

  • Nathan Auch

  • Nathan Heijermans

  • Nikolai Prokoschenko