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Review Board 1.0 Beta 1 Release Notes

Release date: March 28, 2009

New Features

  • Added support for disabling user registration.

    This provides a checkbox in the General Settings page for disabling user registration. This only takes effect when using standard authentication, and will hide the Register link and redirect requests made to /account/register/ to the /account/login/ page instead.

  • Added new administration, user documentation, and a FAQ. This is available on http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/, and is also available in the reviewboard/docs/ directory.

Feature Improvements

  • Added a faster, more scalable version of diff fragment loading. We used to make a call to the server for each comment shown in a review, which became very slow on large reviews. We now only make one call per file, regardless of how many comments are made against that file. This speeds up load times of the review page considerably. (Bug #906)

  • Greatly improved performance in the diff viewer. Loading comments and placing them in the diff viewer wasn’t nearly as fast as it could have been. Due to these new improvements, a sample diff with 15 comments that used to take over 1 second now takes ~150ms to load. Other improvements have also been made, and should make a noticeable difference in large deployments.

  • Improved accessibility for inline editors on the review request page. The “edit” icons can now be activated using the Enter key. Patch by Brad Taylor. (Bug #965)

  • Added a new icon for the “My Comments” column in the dashboard that’s used when you’ve specifically posted a review marked “Ship It.” (Bug #909)

  • Change descriptions are now a lot more readable for the Description and Testing Done fields. (Bug #913)

  • Added a dependency on Pygments, in order to install it by default.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed index errors shown during some interdiffs and empty diffs. (Bug #892)

  • Interdiffs would break when one revision had a newly added file. (Bug #847)

  • Interdiffs no longer pre-load all files on a page before showing anything. They now load each file independently, like normal diffs.

  • We no longer display the “Download Diff” button on interdiffs. (Bug #873)

  • Clicking the “ghost” comment flag in the diff viewer wasn’t triggering a comment dialog for that line.

  • We now correctly parse Git diffs that don’t include a/ and b/ prefixes in the filenames. Patch by Andrey Fedorov. (Bug #883)

  • We now forward on the Perforce Empty Changeset error, instead of returning an Internal Server Error.

  • Fixed some problems with Perforce errors on newer versions of the P4 API, and fixed some issues where we were sometimes stripping valuable data from an error message. (Bug #710)

  • Fixed an Internal Server Error when showing the review dialog with a comment made on a screenshot with no caption.

  • The Ship It label in the review dialog is now associated with the checkbox, meaning the label can be clicked to check/uncheck Ship It. (Bug #922)

  • For LDAP backends, we now log on as an anonymous user before searching for the real user to log in as. This fixes some breakages with people encountered. Patch by Alexey Morozov.

  • Changed the default LDAP scope to SUBTREE, in order to fix authentication on some LDAP servers. (Bug #959)

  • We now use the review request’s draft summary, if set, on the screenshot detail page. (Bug #981)

  • HTML tags are no longer interpreted in the Description and Testing Done fields. (Bug #894)

  • The branch field in change descriptions no longer escape entities (such as arrows). (Bug #898)

  • Fixed some XHTML validation errors in the dashboard. Patch by Onkar Shinde. (Bug #932)

  • We no longer require logging in for read-only API calls, if anonymous access is enabled on the site. (Bug #767)

  • Fixed some small breakages with Django 1.1.