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Review Board 1.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: September 16, 2009.

New Features

  • The administration UI now supports batch deletes for items in the database. This is provided by Django 1.1, which is a new requirement in this release.

Bugs Fixed

  • Creation of new sites was broken. Due to a change in the structure of the codebase, we were no longer bundling the configuration template files for the web server, which rb-site install needed for new sites.

  • Installations using Django 1.0.2 would see Internal Server Errors, due to a function we were using that wasn’t added until 1.0.3. We’ve decided to bump up our required version of Django to 1.1, which is the version that new installations would use anyway. This comes with a variety of internal bug fixes and stability improvements that we get for free.


  • Christian Hammond