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Review Board 1.5 RC 1 Release Notes

Release date: July 5, 2010

This release contains all bug fixes and features found in Review Board version 1.0.9.

New Features

  • Improved move detection.

    Move detection in the previous betas only worked when an entire insert/remove block was moved. Now it’s more fine-grained, and can detect moved lines within those blocks.

    It also ignores moves that consist entirely of whitespace changes or simple non-alphanumeric lines (such as }, /*, etc.).

  • Added support for the iPhone and iPad.

    We now support code review using the iPhone and iPad through the main Review Board web UI. You can bookmark Review Board to your home screen with a nice clean icon and use Review Board like you do on the computer.

  • Added support for WSGI installations.

    rb-site can now generate a WSGI installation for Review Board. This is a more modern replacement for mod_python, which won’t be available in future versions of Apache. Patch by Jan Koprowski. (Bug #1136)

  • Added Mercurial support for --git formatted patches. Patch by Dan Buch.

  • The diff viewer now supports indicating deleted files. (Bug #394)

    Previously, a deleted file was always represented as a series of removed lines. Now, for diffs that can indicate when files are deleted, we show that the file was deleted without showing any content.

    Right now, this only supports CVS, but will support more types of repositories in the future.

API Improvements

  • Added a resource for retrieving the logged in user’s session information. (Bug #1133)

    This introduces a /api/session/ resource, which returns some basic information on the session. If the client is logged in, the authenticated key will be set to True, and a link to the logged in user will be returned.

    If the client is not logged in, the authenticated key will be set to False.

  • Support filtering review requests by using date ranges.

    The /api/review-requests/ resource can now be filtered using date ranges. It supports passing ?time-added-from=, ?time-added-to=, ?last-updated-from=, and ?last-updated-to=. These parameters take a variety of date values, though we recommend ISO8601 format. For example:

    • 2010-06-27

    • 2010-06-27T16:26:30

    • 2010-06-27T16:26:30-08:00

  • Added a resource for downloading diffs and parsed diff opcodes.

    The /api/review-requests/<id>/diffs/ resource now returns the uploaded diff when accessed with a HTTP Accept header of text/x-patch. The diff covers all modified files.

    The /api/review-requests/<id>/diffs/<revision>/files/<id>/ resource can also return the uploaded diff when using text/x-patch, but only for that particular file. It also supports returning the parsed opcodes (useful for implementing a custom diff viewer) when using an Accept mimetype of either application/vnd.reviewboard.org.diff.data+json or application/vnd.reviewboard.org.diff.data+xml. If ?syntax-highlighting=1 is passed to the URL, the returned chunks will contain HTML markup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wrapping of text in HTML e-mails. (Bug #1569)

    The comment, description, etc. text wasn’t wrapped, making it hard to read in various e-mail clients (particularly on mobile devices). The text is now properly wrapped on all clients.

  • Fixed the tab order for the Log In page. Patch by Mike Conley. (Bug #1585)

  • SSH Repository paths with usernames embedded in them now work correctly. (Bug #1592)

  • Fixed trailing whitespace indication. (Bug #1620)

    The new feature for controlling whether trailing whitespace is shown broke on installs where the setting wasn’t explicitly turned on or off. It was defaulting in the settings UI to being on, but the diff viewer was seeing it as off. We now correctly check for this.

  • PendingDeprecationWarning errors no longer appear during rb-site. (Bug #1683)

    Newer versions of Django triggered PendingDeprecationWarning errors when creating a site using rb-site. We now filter these out.

  • Fixed a rendering bug in the diff viewer where the first line would appear double-wide. Patch by Eduardo Felipe Castegnaro.

  • Fix an error when accessing /api/repositories/<id>/info/

    An invalid call was being made which resulted in a server-side error. The path now returns the expected information. Patch by Jacob Farkas.

  • Fixed remote file access when using Mercurial. Patch by Dan Buch.

  • CVS repository paths without a : separating hostnames and paths no longer fail.

    If a CVS repository path was provided that didn’t have a : separating the hostnames and path, we would fail to fetch the right file form the repository in some cases. We now handle this much better.

  • SourceForge CVS paths are now generated with a : after the hostname.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Dan Buch

  • David Trowbridge

  • Eduardo Felipe Castegnaro

  • Jacob Farkas

  • Jan Koprowski

  • Mike Conley

  • Phil Orwig