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Review Board 1.1 Alpha 2 Release Notes

Release date: November 15, 2009

This release contains all bug fixes and features found in Review Board 1.0.5.

The release is dedicated to Vinay Venkatesh, a good friend of ours and long-time supporter of the project, who passed away November 1st.

New Features

Review Requests

  • Support Subversion repositories over HTTPS. (Bug #1072)

    Up until now, only HTTP Subversion repositories could be used with Review Board. We now support Subversion repositories that use HTTPS. When adding/saving such a repository, the HTTPS certificate will be checked and may be displayed to the administrator for confirmation.

    This requires that the web server’s user has a home directory that is writable. This may not be the default setup on various Linux distributions, so administrators may need to create a home directory for the user and update the path in /etc/passwd.

  • Support repositories over SSH.

    Many types of repositories can be hosted over an SSH connection. Due to authentication and host verification issues, these would not work with Review Board without some manual changes. Now we support most repositories backed by SSH. This includes Bazaar, CVS, Git, and Subversion. While it has not been tested with Mercurial, it should work.

  • Repository path verification.

    We now verify that a repository’s information is valid before saving or creating the new repository entry. This helps to prevent issues with bad repository paths, which is one of the primary problems new users have experienced. This is currently supported for Bazaar, CVS, Git, and Subversion.

  • Added Amazon S3-based screenshot storage.

    Review Board can now store screenshots in the cloud using Amazon S3. This is especially useful for Review Board instances hosted on Amazon EC2, but can be used in any installation to offload the storage.

  • We now remember the previous base diff path on a review request. (Bug #365)

    When using the web UI to upload diffs against a Subversion repository, they’d have to type the base diff path every single time. We now store the last used one and present that as the default for the new diff.


  • Added tooltips to the Starred, Ship It, Comments and Updated images. (Bug #1207)

    This helps to describe the purpose of these icons for users who are unfamiliar with them. Patch by Brett Simmers.

  • Added a [Discarded] label for discarded review requests on the All My Requests page. (Bug #1350)

User Accounts and Authentication

  • Added reCAPTCHA support for account registration.

    Review Board servers that are open to the public can have issues with spambots creating new accounts. Review Board can now use the reCAPTCHA service to help guard against spam accounts.

    By signing up at the reCAPTCHA site, you will receive keys you can specify in the new Authentication Settings page in the administration UI to enable a captcha. Captchas are easy to solve by humans, but harder for programs to solve, and should work well as a deterrent.

Administration UI

  • Added the ability to mark repositories as hidden.

    When an organization moves to a new repository, they’re supposed to create a new Repository entry instead of changing an existing one so that they don’t break existing review requests. However, the old repositories must stick around, and are seen in the New Review Request page and in the Default Reviewer lists.

    Administrators can now flag a repository as being hidden, which will hide the repository from users.

  • Added validation to the Logging Directory setting. (Bug #893)

    This checks that the directory for log files exists and is writable, preventing problems where administrators believe logging is enabled but can’t find the resulting log files.

  • Split off the authentication-related settings from the General Settings page to the new Authentication Settings page.


  • Added an API method for retrieving all diffsets on a review request.

    The new /api/json/reviewrequests/<reviewrequest_id>/diff/ URL returns a list of all diffsets on that review request.

    Patch by Markus Knittig.

Bugs Fixed

  • The new autocomplete results would sometimes overlap the scrollbar. We now position the results so that this overlap does not occur. (Bug #1347)

  • Fixed retrieving file contents in Bazaar when the file was moved in a previous revision. Patch by Kay Röpke. (Bug #1393)

  • When two comment flags were placed on consecutive lines, only the first flag would show. This was due to an off-by-one calculation in the diff viewer. Patch by Laurent Nicolas. (Bug #1377)


  • Brett Simmers

  • Christian Hammond

  • Chris Clark

  • David Trowbridge

  • Kay Röpke

  • Laurent Nicolas

  • Markus Knittig