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Review Board 2.0.25 Release Notes

Release date: October 17, 2016

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to Review Board 2.0.25, run:

pip install ReviewBoard==2.0.25


easy_install ReviewBoard==2.0.25


  • We now require django-haystack 2.3.1 through 2.4.x.

    Newer versions of django-haystack are incompatible with Django 1.6.x, and therefore with Review Board.

New Features

  • Added a new command line tool for running unit tests for custom extensions.

    We’ve added a brand new command line tool, rbext, which extension authors can use to easily run unit tests shipped with their extensions, helping ensure their extensions run as expected.

    See the guide on Testing Extensions for information on how to write and run unit tests for your extension.


Bug Fixes


  • Hitting enter in the search field for groups in the My Account page no longer incorrectly submits the form. (Bug #4452)

File Attachments

  • Fixed displaying the titles/captions on images when hovering over them for image reviews.


  • Fixed an error when attempting to package extension static media.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause bad passwords to be associated with repositories when configuring using a hosting service.

    Some browsers would try auto-filling the hidden password field, causing a bad password to be saved. This was still saved as encrypted with the same security as other repository passwords, but its presence would interfere with the hosting service’s configured password. These passwords are no longer saved. On site upgrade, these passwords will be removed from repositories.

  • Fixed storing repository passwords containing non-ASCII characters.

  • The General Settings page no longer crashes if cache server information is missing from settings.


  • Fixed issues with certain variations of CVSROOTs. (Bug #4022)

    We supported common types of CVSROOTs, such as :pserver: or similar, but had issues with :ext:, :local:, :fork:, and other less common variants. Diff filenames wouldn’t parse correctly, breaking syntax highlighting and causing the files to show up as moved.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge