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Review Board 2.0.13 Release Notes

Release date: February 12, 2015

Compatibility Chanages

  • Changed the behavior of rb-site install when specifying a relative path.

    Relative paths are no longer considered to be relative to the current working directory. Instead, they are relative to a new default site path, which defaults to /var/www. This directory can customized by OS/distribution packages by modifying reviewboard/rb_platform.py

New Features

  • Added an authentication backend for HTTP Digest.

    This authentication backend makes use of standard HTTP Digest password files to authenticate users. This backend is particularly useful when working alongside other services making use of HTTP Digest authentication.

    Patch by Terry Cain.

  • The New Review Request page now shows additional top-level directories on Subversion repositories. (Bug #3546)

    Directories other than “trunk” and “branches” are now shown in the list of branches, allowing commits in these directories to be posted for review.

  • Added searching and sorting of repositories in the administration UI.

    It’s now easier to sort the list of repositories and search them. The search text will match repository names, paths, and repository types (“Git”, “Subversion”, etc.).

  • The User administration UI now shows all profile settings and state.

    It’s now easier to fix up the state of a user’s profile settings, if things ever go wrong.


  • All API resources now support HTTP caching via ETags.

  • Change Resource now shows all changes from all extension-provided custom fields.

  • The review request’s change number can now be changed in a PUT request. (Bug #3685)

    Patch by Vincent Le.

  • Fixed a crash when POSTing a new repository with a conflicting name. (Bug #3625)

    Now instead of a crash, a conflict error is returned.

  • Fixed modifying a review request’s extra_data and publishing in the same POST request.

    Previously, this would result in an error indicating that the draft had not changed.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed tabs appearing in the subject line of e-mails. (Bug #3613, Bug #3707)

    When using Python 2.7 with certain e-mail clients, the subject lines would end up displaying tabs when the subject reached a certain length. These tabs now properly show as spaces.

    Patch by Justin Maillet.


  • Fixed a crash when starting lists at a number other than “1”. (Bug #3715)


  • The “Diff Size” column no longer wraps. (Bug #3733)

    Patch by Stanley Yeo.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed wrapping issues with long filenames and revisions in the diff viewer.

    The diff viewer’s minimum width is now much smaller, and doesn’t chop off lines when resizing.

  • Fixed selecting text in diffs on newer versions of Firefox. (Bug #3728)

  • Fixed problems causing files in the diff viewer to appear empty. (Bug #3601)

  • The URL is now updated when navigating to anchors on the page. (Bug #3363)

    Patch by Jason Tseng.

  • Fixed a broken URL after navigating to a diff page with an anchor in the URL.

  • The offset from the the top of the page when selecting anchors now takes into consideration whether the review draft banner is shown.

  • Form feed characters in diffs are no longer interpreted as newlines.

  • Fixed some encoding assumptions when parsing diff files.

  • Fixed a problem when displaying the Upload Diff dialog with certain localizations.

    Patch by Teresa Fan.

Review Requests

  • Replying to a review and turning off Markdown no longer temporarily displays the text as escaped HTML. (Bug #3721)

  • The edit icon no longer appears on file attachments that aren’t editable by the user. (Bug #3606)

    Patch by Vincent Le.

  • Information entered in an unpublished review request that is then discarded is now preserved. (Bug #3465)

    Previously, the discarded review request would appear blank, and the information lost.

    Patch by Jessica Yuen.

  • Fixed a crash when rendering change descriptions for review requests with missing diffs.


  • Fixed a KeyError when posting diffs containing binary file changes.

    Patch by Nicolas Dély.


  • Fixed parsing Git diffs that both renamed/copied and changed modes on files.

  • Fixed parsing Git diffs that used quotes around filenames.

  • Fixed other parsing errors involving spaces in filenames.

  • Fixed a date parsing issue with GitHub commits.

    Patch by Chester Li.


  • Fixed encoding problems encountered in some files when posting a commit in the New Review Request page. (Bug #3716)


  • Fixed a KeyError when saving the repository form for some hosting services.

    Patch by Chris Arnold.

  • Fixed misleading information in the RBTools Setup instructions in the repository page. (Bug #3595)

    Patch by Chester Li.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Chester Li

  • Chris Arnold

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Jason Tseng

  • Jessica Yuen

  • Justin Maillet

  • Nicolas Dély

  • Stanley Yeo

  • Stephen Gallagher

  • Teresa Fan

  • Terry Cain

  • Vincent Le