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Review Board 1.7.5 Release Notes

Release date: February 6, 2013

New Features

  • Added a nicer, human-readable view of diffs in the FileDiff tables in the administration UI.

  • The repository name is now included in review request e-mails. Patch by Katherine Schramm. (Bug #2483)

Compatibility Fixes

  • We now require django-pipeline 1.2.24, which restores our compatibility with Python 2.5 and fixes some errors when loading pages.

  • Our list of supported timezones should now be consistent across all installs, since we now require a specific, modern version of pytz. (Bug #2874)

Bug Fixes

  • The entire thumbnail for file attachments are now clickable, making it easier to download the file or reach the review page.

  • Users are no longer locked out of their review requests when assigned to private groups they don’t have access to. (Bug #2446)

  • The Hide whitespace changes toggle was broken on many browsers, causing a JavaScript error. Patch by Ionut Prunache. (Bug #2885)

  • Searching for a user in the quick search field and then clicking the user once again navigates to the user’s page. Patch by Raja Venkataraman. (Bug #2842)

  • The review request counts in the dashboard no longer show “None” for new users when using Local Sites. Patch by Raja Venkataraman. (Bug #2873)


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Ionut Prunache

  • Katherine Schramm

  • Raja Venkataraman