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Review Board 2.5.2 Release Notes

Release date: December 4th, 2015

Django Security Notice

Django 1.6.x is no longer maintained by the Django project, and will no longer be receiving security fixes directly. Since we still depend on this version, and will have users depending on it for years to come, we’re maintaining our own unofficial branch and handling all backports of security fixes to Django.

We highly recommend installing Django which contains all current Django security fixes, and will be continuing to release new versions as security vulnerabilities are discovered.

We cannot automatically install this yet, due to restrictions in pip, so you’ll need to be sure to upgrade manually for now.

We’ll continue to provide this notice for all affected releases of Review Board until we are able to auto-install the appropriate version of Django.

Please see our security announcement for instructions.

New Features

  • Added helpful instructions for setting up GitHub Enterprise and Microsoft Team Foundation Server repositories.

    We advertise GitHub Enterprise and Microsoft Team Foundation Server support for Review Board, but since that support is part of Power Pack, it’s not always obvious how to get that set up.

    The repository configuration page now lists both GitHub Enterprise and Team Foundation Server repositories as options. Once selected, the page will explain how to set up Power Pack.

Removed Features

  • Removed the ability to double-click a line’s content in a diff to create a comment.

    This ability was introduced in 2.5, but ended up causing some critical interaction problems. We’ve decided to remove the feature. Clicking on the line number still works fine.

Bug Fixes


  • E-mails for reviews now properly show “Ship It!” or “Fix it, then Ship It!”. (Bug #4019)

    This was a regression introduced in 2.5.

    Patch by Griffin Myers.

Image/PDF Review

These issues affect both image review and PDF document review (part of Power Pack).

  • Fixed tooltips remaining on the screen when dragging a draft comment on an image.

  • Fixed a performance problem where dragging a draft comment would result in too many saves to the server.

  • Fixed dragged comment regions sometimes saving stale coordinates or sizes after completing a drag.

  • Fixed clicking an existing draft or published comment block and showing the comment dialog when reviewing PDFs.

    This applies only to Power Pack. Images were not affected.

  • Fixed a bad CSS class name when viewing images.

    Patch by Chronicle Yu.


  • Removed a hard-coded default for fetching a diff for a commit.

    Posting existing commits for review now works once again with locally-hosted GitLab installs.

  • Fixed posting existing commits with empty commit messages for review.


  • Fixed incorrect comment data in the review reply webhook payload.


  • Fixed errors that could occur when trying to upgrade MySQL databases.

    This release depends on a newer version of Django Evolution, the module we use to handle database migrations. It fixes an upgrade bug that could result in some people experiencing failures prior to performing an upgrade to the database, which would not break the database but would prevent an upgrade.

  • Fixed crashes with the condensediffs management command.

    The condensediffs management command could crash when processing batches of diffs. While this didn’t harm anything in the database, it did make the command useless for many.

  • Fixed progress display errors with the condensediffs management command.

    The condensediffs management command was showing progress as a percentage with far too many levels of precision. We’ve fixed that to show a more useful value.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • Chronicle Yu

  • Craig Rodrigues

  • David Trowbridge

  • Griffin Myers