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Review Board 1.0.2 Release Notes

Release date: September 15, 2009.

New Features

  • Made SCMTool registration more flexible and bullet-proof. Previously, all of our built-in SCMTools had to have an entry with a specific ID in our database, and if an organization added a custom SCMTool to their database, it would break (Bug #1272). Now we look for new SCMTools registered with Review Board and dynamically register them in the database during a site upgrade.

    Third parties can now easily provide their own custom SCMTools without modifying Review Board. All that’s needed is a Python package using setuptools that registers the SCMTool class using the reviewboard.scmtools entry point.

    This should not affect any existing installations with custom SCMTools.

  • Improved logging of errors. If a 500 Internal Server Error is displayed, the actual reason for the error will appear in the system log file, along with the URL of the page and the user who tried to access it. This should greatly help administrators track down problems and report bugs back to us.

Bugs Fixed

  • The generated mod_python configuration file didn’t support subdirectory installation out of the box. New users would have to hand-modify the configuration. It’s now generated correctly, so users shouldn’t hit this anymore.

  • The reviewer’s name wasn’t always displayed in reply e-mails. It would simply appear blank. (Bug #748)

  • The filename fields for diff files only allowed for filenames up to 256 characters in length, which was often not enough (especially for ClearCase). We now support up to 1024 characters. (Bug #751)

  • When attempting to submit as another user, without having the permissions to do so, the server would respond with a 500 Internal Server Error instead of a meaningful error. (Bug #1067)

  • The Bugs Closed field on the Review Request administration page was too restrictive. It only allowed integers and commas, even though we support more than this for bug IDs. It will now accept pretty much anything. (Bug #1149)

  • The Cache Stats page would sometimes say that the memcached server wasn’t supported. This was due to parsing the user’s memcached server string incorrectly. We now handle many more variations on this string. (Bug #1196)

  • The ship-it counter didn’t always increase, depending on the setup. Patch by Marc Bee. (Bug #1200)

  • The Server URL field in the General Settings page in the administration UI was too strict, preventing URLs that didn’t have a fully-qualified domain, such as reviewboard.internal or reviewboard. This was overly restrictive for many people. We now except pretty much anything. (Bug #1223)

  • Modifying a comment on a screenshot in the Edit Review dialog caused the thumbnail to point to the wrong screenshot. Patch by Eric Huss. (Bug #1240)

  • The crypt and nis modules were always imported, even if they weren’t needed. This was especially bad on Windows servers, as these modules are unavailable. This would make custom backends fail. Now we only import them as needed. Patch by Thilo-Alexander Ginkel. (Bug #1244)

  • The @ character wasn’t considered a valid character in usernames in all places, even though it should be. This would lead to page errors. We now support this as part of usernames. (Bug #1250)

  • The draft screenshot caption wasn’t shown for screenshots on drafts of review requests. We would only show the published caption. Now we show whichever is appropriate. (Bug #1257)

  • When browsing an interdiff, the Expand link wouldn’t always work, generating an error instead. It should now work in every case. (Bug #1285)

  • Excess whitespace is now stripped from the Path and Mirror Path fields on the Repository administration page. This helps prevent problems when copying and pasting paths into the page, which could lead to misleading errors. (Bug #1286)

  • Review requests from inactive users (users who had their accounts disabled, due to spam or leaving the company, for example) would appear in the dashboard, despite not appearing in other lists. We now filter these out. The review request URLs will still work, though, meaning that they are not actually removed, just hidden from normal view. (Bug #1290)

  • The Save and Publish buttons in the Edit Review dialog would only work once per page, requiring a page reload to make them work again. (Bug #1292)


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Eric Fung

  • Eric Huss

  • Marc Bee

  • Thilo-Alexander Ginkel