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Review Board 1.7.27 Release Notes

Release date: July 22, 2014

Security Updates

This release fixes a couple of security vulnerabilities that came to our attention.

We strongly recommend that everyone upgrade to this release.

  • Fixed a vulnerability where a URL to a diff fragment could be crafted that would inject custom HTML into the page. An attacker could send such a URL to another user and execute code in their browser session.

    This was reported by Uchida. A CVE number is pending.

  • The Original File and Patched File resources could be used to access files on a private review request that the user did not have access to, if they knew the approciate database IDs.

    A CVE number is pending.

New Features

  • Added a new Company/Organization setting in General Settings.

    This can be used to specify the company or organization that owns the server. It will be displayed when the user visits the support page.

    This field is optional.

  • Added a setting for controlling whether support usage statistics are sent to us.

    We use these statistics to help us diagnose common trends in support problems, to help prioritize supported platforms and versions, and to provide better support pages when a particular install’s users click Get Support. This data is never provided in any form to anybody but the core developers of Review Board.

    This can be toggled in the Support Settings page. New sites will be prompted during install by rb-site install.


Review UIs

  • ReviewUI subclasses can now selectively be enabled or disabled for specific file attachments.

    A ReviewUI subclass can now implement is_enabled_for() to determine whether it should be enabled for a given file attachment, depending on the attachment, review request, or user.


  • Creating or updating a review request using an empty change number will now properly show the Empty Changeset error response.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the URL to the Recaptcha registration page. (Bug #3471)
  • The per-user option for choosing whether to receive e-mail is now properly shown in the My Account page.
  • Fixed review request counters in the dashboard getting out of sync with reality. (Bug #2268)
  • The All Review Requests and User pages no longer break if the user doesn’t yet have a profile set up. (Bug #3083)
  • Fixed review request breakages when posting changes on a Local Site with an invalid Perforce/Plastic change number.
  • Fixed various breakages when referring to users on a public Local Site that aren’t members of the site. (Bug #3484)


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge