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Review Board 1.5.5 Release Notes

Release date: March 28, 2011

New Features

  • Added a Show SSH Public Key link in the Add/Change Repository page.

    This new link makes it really easy to show the SSH public key currently associated with the Review Board server. When clicked, a box will appear on the page with the public key information for quick reference.

  • Added timezone information to the Server Information resource API. (Bug #1983)

Bug Fixes

  • New installs no longer try to install python-dateutil 2.0, which only supports Python 3. This would cause errors during use.

  • Fix image links in HTML e-mails.

    The HTML e-mails weren’t accessing the correct path for some media. This could cause some e-mail clients to complain.

  • Fixed errors when using the same change number on different repositories. (Bug #2024)

  • Fixed some problems caching diffs on memcached. The generated cache keys would sometimes be invalid. (Bug #387)

  • The diff viewer no longer crashes when trying to find a method name near the end of the file. (Bug #2014)

  • Turned off resizing of text areas on Google Chrome. (Bug #2031)

    Google Chrome by default allows text areas to be resized. This can break things in Review Board. We now turn it off. Patch by Vignesh Srinivasan.

  • The administration page could break when trying to load the Amazon S3 settings. (Bug #1888)

  • Fixed importing PIL (Python Imaging Library) on some installs.

    PIL is sometimes installed on systems in different ways. We’re now more flexible and try to import it in more than one way. Patch by Jan Koprowski.

  • Better handle errors during syntax highlighting.

    On the rare occasion that there’s an error applying syntax highlighting, we now catch the errors and simply disable syntax highlighting for the file.

  • Optimize the starring feature in the dashboard. This simplifies the JavaScript and reduces the HTML file size. Patch by Ben Hollis.

  • rbssh now uses the current user’s username as a default when connecting to a repository. This doesn’t really affect repository access in Review Board except under very specific circumstances, but is mostly for testing on the command line.


  • Ben Hollis

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Evan Dower

  • Jan Koprowski

  • Vignesh Srinivasan