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Review Board 4.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: June 29, 2021


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed displaying form-related errors when modifying repositories, WebHooks, and other data.



  • Fixed looking up files for Git and Mercurial over HTTP(S) on Python 3.

Review Requests

  • Fixed scrolling issues in the comment dialog.

    Using the mouse wheel or trackpad to scroll text in the comment dialog had regressed in Chrome and Firefox. On Chrome, attempting to scroll would also scroll the page. On Firefox, scrolling could completely fail to work.

  • Fixed filtering repositories in the New Review Request page.

  • Fixed setting groups as reviewers when Depends On was set.

    This was a regression specific to running on some versions of Python.

  • Fixed various issues with review request e-mails containing Unicode content on Python 3.

  • Fixed loading new commits in the New Review Request page on tall monitors or large screen resolutions.


  • Fixed ?expand= to not expand keys in nested objects if they’re found in top-level objects.

    Previously, when expanding multiple keys (like ?expand=a,b,c), if one key (b) was found inside of both a and in the main resource, it would prefer the one in a and leave out the one in the main resource. Now, expanded keys in a resource are prioritized over those in an expanded child.


  • Fixed providing HTTPS-based URLs in WebHook payloads when on HTTPS setups.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge