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Review Board 2.0 RC 3 Release Notes

Release date: May 8, 2014

This release contains all bug fixes and features found in Review Board version 1.7.25.


To install this release, run the following:

$ sudo easy_install \
    -f http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/ReviewBoard/2.0/ \
    -U ReviewBoard

We are very close to the final release of 2.0. If you are intending to run 2.0 on a production server, it is time to do some testing with this release to make sure we address any bugs you may run into.

If you are careful with backups, you may run this on a production server, but you may experience bugs. It is best to install on a test server first, in case there are any major problems.

Important Upgrade Notes

Make a backup of your database!

Substantial changes were made to database migration. While our testing has shown it to work, it could leave your database in a bad state.

Do not upgrade a production database without a full backup.

Please let us know if you have any problems with the upgrade.

New Features

Experimental Web Hooks

  • Added experimental “close-submitted” Web Hook support for Bitbucket, Beanstalk, and Google Code.

    Bitbucket, Beanstalk, GitHub, and Google Code repositories can now be configured to close review requests referenced in a commit message (or identified by a commit ID) by using Web Hooks.

    To use this, configure a WebHook and provide the URL for the hook.

    For Bitbucket: http://<server>/repos/<repo_id>/hooks/bitbucket/close-submitted/

    For Beanstalk: http://<server>/repos/<repo_id>/hooks/beanstalk/close-submitted/

    For GitHub: http://<server>/repos/<repo_id>/hooks/github/close-submitted/

    For Google Code: http://<server>/repos/<repo_id>/hooks/googlecode/close-submitted/


    The 2.0 RC 2 release notes cover the usage of these hooks in more detail, though in RC 2, these webhooks were named “post-receive” instead of “close-submitted”.

    Documentation on using these will be available at a later date. For now, the feature is experimental.

    Patches by Bhushan Ramnani.

  • “close-submitted” Web Hooks can now match by commit ID.

    The post-review Web Hooks for GitHub, Bitbucket, Beanstalk, and Google Code, which close review requests when commits are pushed, can now look up the proper review request through the Commit ID field, instead of requiring a URL in the commit message. This requires that the review request’s commit ID field matches the resulting SHA1 of the commit.

    Patch by Anselina Chia.


  • Improved the look of generated e-mails.


Better Upgrades

Installing a new version of an extension will cause Review Board to re-install all bundled media files.

This removes the need for administrators to disable and re-enable an extension in order to get things working again.

Media Packaging

  • Source media files (JavaScript, CSS, and LessCSS) can now be removed from built extension packages.

    This behavior can be triggered by adding the following to the package’s setup.cfg:

    remove_source_files = 1


  • Improved support in RB.ReviewGroup and RB.Repository.

    These resource models, used to communicate with the API, have been improved to better handle parsing payloads returned from the API.

  • Added RB.DefaultReviewer for parsing payloads for the Default Reviewer API.

    This is not feature-complete, but can be used to fetch basic details on a Default Reviewer entry.


New Signals

  • Added review_request_publishing, review_publishing, and reply_publishing signals.

    These signals are emitted before the publishing process starts on review requests, reviews, and replies. Extensions can connect to these to perform pre-publish validation. They can raise a PublishError to abort the publish.

    The error message provided to PublishError will be reflected in the API’s error message.

    Patch by Mark Côté.

Authentication Backends

  • Custom AuthBackends can now raise a UserQueryError when looking up errors.

    These errors will be represented in the web API though 226 - User Query Error.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a regression where Gravatars wouldn’t display until Gravatar support was toggled off and back on.

  • Fixed a regression when resetting user passwords. (Bug #3301)

  • Fixed various browser compatibility issues with Firefox.

    Patch by Matthew N.

  • Duplicate Markdown Reference links are no longer shown in replies to comments.

  • Diffs containing leading slashes are normalized to remove leading slashes, fixing lookups.

Review Requests

  • Fixed displaying and handling errors when publishing a review request fails.

    Patch by Mark Côté.

  • Review requests created through the New Review Request page will once again show a draft banner.

  • Fixed escaping of content in the bugs field. (Bug #3244)

Dashboard and DataGrids

  • The Hide closed link on the All Review Requests page no longer impacts the dashboard. (Bug #3319)

  • Sorting on non-existing columns in the Dashboard no longer breaks.


  • Upgrades from pre-1.7 databases now work again.

  • Condensing diffs in the database should no longer use up all memory.

  • Fixed an issue parsing some payloads on GitHub in the post-receive Web Hook.

  • Fixed Unicode errors with LDAP authentication when the user dn contains non-ASCII characters.

    Patch by Georgy Dyuldin.

  • Fixed breakages in the administration UI when viewing review requests with unicode characters in the summary. (Bug #3325)

Repository Support

  • Fixed authentication with Subversion backends. (Bug #3303)

  • Fixed a “Need more than 1 value to unpack” error with ClearCase. (Bug #3305)

    Patch by David Bodor.

  • Fixed permission lookups when creating repositories through the web API. (Bug #3307)


  • Fixed leaking of variables between hook-provided templates.


  • Unicode values in GET query strings no longer causes HTTP 500 errors.


  • Anselina Chia

  • Bhushan Ramnani

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Bodor

  • David Trowbridge

  • Edward Zhang

  • Georgy Dyuldin

  • Mark Côté

  • Matthew N