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Review Board 1.7.7 Release Notes

Release date: April 19, 2013

New Features

  • The configured SSH key can now be deleted. (Bug #2743)

    A Delete Key button is now available on the SSH key settings page.

    Patch by Greg Wang.

  • Added support for working against a GitHub OAuth application.

    GitHub’s API imposes rate limits. For larger organizations, this can cause problems when many people are using Review Board with large numbers of files in diffs.

    Now, if you register your own Review Board OAuth application entry on GitHub, you can make use of higher rate limits. GitHub will supply you with a client ID and a client secret key, which would be specified in settings.GITHUB_CLIENT_ID and settings.GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET.

    This is unlikely to be something most people need, but is there if you are running into rate limit issues.

    Note that a higher rate limit is entirely at the discretion of GitHub.

Performance Improvements

  • Uploading a diff with a parent diff will no longer attempt to process any files in the parent diff that aren’t in the main diff.

    This means that if you upload a diff based on a large parent branch, it will be faster to upload and process, and won’t hit the repository as hard. It is especially useful when using GitHub or other services with API rate limits.

  • Sped up rendering times for the Dashboard, All Review Requests page, and the user/groups pages.

    On some setups, there should be a fairly substantial speedup.

Web API Improvements

  • Fixed a breakage with updating comments when the issue_status field wasn’t provided.

  • Improved caching logic to not claim a cached payload is valid when the client reports a matching Last Modified timestamp but not a matching ETag.

Bug Fixes

  • Specifying a port in a SSH URL for a repository will now connect on that port. (Bug #2841)

    Patch by Mario Zivic.

  • Fixed broken links to file attachments when using Local Sites.

  • Review request e-mails now show the right ID in the subject for Local Sites.

  • Fixed Python path issues when spawning processes.

    We were setting PYTHONPATH to be the entire Python system path, but this had issues with spawning some processes and with virtualenv setups. We now have a less invasive approach to the original bug we were attempting to fix.

  • Fixed a rare breakage when saving repositories.

  • Fixed the cookie path when using site directories.

  • When installing a site, database hosts now accept a port in the format of hostname:port.

  • Fixed visual glitches with some rounded corners in the UI.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Greg Wang

  • Mario Zivic

  • Michiel van Baak

  • Surya Nallu

  • Victoria Ponce (BitNami)