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Review Board 1.6.16 Release Notes

Release date: February 20, 2013

Security Updates

We now require Django 1.3.7, which fixes a few security vulnerabilities. We recommend all 1.6.x users upgrade to 1.6.16.

Web API Changes

  • Added API support for querying and manipulating default reviewers. This is accessible at /api/default-reviewers/.

  • Repositories deleted through the Web API are now only archived if they have any associated review requests. Otherwise, they’re deleted, which helps prevent collisions when creating a repository, deleting it, and re-creating it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an HTML escaping issue when listing filenames in the diff viewer.

    Any filenames consisting of HTML-unsafe characters were being interpreted. In theory, this could be used to inject scripts into the diff viewer page when uploading a diff (though in practice, our diff parsing wouldn’t allow it). We now make sure the filenames are escaped properly.

  • Fixed an occasional crash when viewing a diff when displaying a function or class header on the left-hand side but when there was none on the right-hand side. (Bug #2876)

  • We try harder now to set the PYTHONPATH for subprocesses, which should fix some issues fetching files over Subversion. (Bug #2834)

  • Fixed default Apache configuration files to be explicit in enabling FollowSymLinks.

  • Fixed fetching files with FedoraHosted. Patch by Stephen Gallagher. (Bug #2897)

  • SMTP servers saved with additional whitespace will now have that whitespace stripped, in order to prevent lookup failures. (Bug #2620)

    Patch by Surya Nallu.

  • Fixed the link to the PyLucene documentation in the General Settings page.

  • Fixed the review ID column when using Local Sites.

  • Fixed the starred public review count for new users when using Local Sites. (Bug #2873)


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Felix Sung

  • Raja Venkataraman

  • Stephen Gallagher

  • Surya Nallu