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Review Board 2.5.17 Release Notes

Release date: December 5, 2017

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to Review Board 2.5.17, run:

pip install ReviewBoard==2.5.17


easy_install ReviewBoard==2.5.17


  • Fixed Review.objects.from_user() to return the correct results when providing a logged-in user.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the X-ReviewBoard-Diff-For header to include modified files. (Bug #4572)

    Due to a bug, the header was no longer including modified files in the list, breaking filtering.

    Patch by Henri-Philippe Marceau.

File Attachments

  • Fixed JavaScript errors when encountering a network issue during the upload of a file attachment. (Bug #4467)

    Patch by Nicholas Mercier.

  • Fixed a bug where saving a file attachment’s caption did not create a review request draft, if one didn’t already exist.

Review Requests

  • Hiding the reply draft banner when it’s docked to the top of the viewport no longer results in a block of empty space at the top of the review.

User Page

  • Fixed replies unintentionally showing up in the list of reviews on the user page.


  • Fixed a problem posting existing commits with diffs containing non-ASCII characters in the New Review Request page.


  • Fixed loading information on users when the “Full Name” attribute did not contain any whitespace. (Bug #4489)

    Patch by Riley Creaghan.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Henri-Philippe Marceau

  • Nicholas Mercier

  • Riley Creaghan