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Review Board 1.7.13 Release Notes

Release date: August 15, 2013

Security Updates

  • We now require Django 1.4.6, which is their latest security release. It fixes a couple of issues that we are not impacted by, but are worth having for any third-party modules, applications or extensions.

  • We have updated the recommended Apache configuration for file attachment protection. We will be unveiling a better security method in coming releases, but for now, if you’re serving file attachments from Apache, be sure to update your configuration based on our recommendations.

New Features

  • Added Beanstalk as a supported hosting service.

    Beanstalk offers Git and Subversion support, inline code editing, easy deployment to servers, and more. It integrates with a variety of third party tools and services.

  • Added Git support for Bitbucket.

    Previously, we only supported Mercurial, but now you can access your Git repositories as well.

    This requires using rbt post in RBTools 0.5.2. It will not work with post-review, or earlier versions of RBTools.

  • Add easier site upgrading to rb-site.

    New site installations are now recorded in /etc/reviewboard/sites. When upgrading, you can now run rb-site upgrade --all-sites to upgrade all known sites.

    If you’re running an existing installation, you can just add the path of your site directory to /etc/reviewboard/sites.

    This is not supported for Windows.

    Patch by Stephen Gallagher.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hosting service integration with Python 2.5. (Bug #3043)

    Some hosting services (such as GitHub) respond to requests with HTTP 2xx error codes other than 200. This is perfectly valid, but Python 2.5 doesn’t recognize these by default as valid codes. We now work around this to ensure compatibility across all supported Python versions.

  • Fixed a database upgrade issue that affected many MySQL instances when using UTF-8 tables. (Bug #3040)

  • File attachment names are no longer cut off if they’re over a certain size.

  • Fixed bad URLs when viewing file attachments stored on Amazon S3.

  • Fixed parent diff support for Mercurial. Patch by Colin Caughie. (Bug #2971)

  • Fixed e-mails going out as the wrong sender when updating a review request using --submit-as in RBTools. (Bug #1795, Bug #2500)

  • Fixed some regressions in our Plastic SCM support. (Bug #3044)

    Note that there may still be issues with talking to some Plastic repositories, which are not yet fixed.

  • The administration UI no longer breaks if a badly formatted cache server hostname is set. (Bug #3049)

  • Extensions install media into the correct directory again if the extension has a custom display name.

  • Fixed the display of review request IDs for trophies on Local Sites. (Bug #3055)


  • Christian Hammond

  • Colin Caughie

  • David Trowbridge

  • Stephen Gallagher