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Review Board 3.0.4 Release Notes

Release date: March 20, 2018


New Features

  • Added task integration with Asana.

    Asana is a task tracking tool for teams of all sizes, used to help organize, schedule, and communicate priorities for software releases, user on-boarding, goals, and more.

    This integration adds a new field for review requests for specifying a list of Asana tasks that the review request addresses. The state of each task is shown, and clicking the task will take you to the task’s page on Asana.

    See the documentation for configuration instructions.

  • Added task integration with Trello.

    Trello is a task and project management tool for teams of all sizes. Unlike many task trackers, Trello represents tasks as cards placed into columns on a board, helping to visually organize information, what state tasks are in, and the flow of tasks.

    This integration works like the Asana integration, adding a new field for specifying any Trello cards that the review request addresses, and making it easy to get to the card by clicking its name in the field.

    See the documentation for configuration instructions.

  • Added chat integration with Mattermost.

    Mattermost is an open source chat and collaboration service similar to and largely compatible with Slack. It can be installed within a company’s network, and offers Enterprise capabilities.

    This integration provides the same capabilities offered in the Slack integration, notifying configured channels when users create or update review requests or participate in discussions.

    See the documentation for configuration instructions.

    Patch by Giulia Mattia.

  • Added status report integration with I Done This.

    I Done This is a status reporting service that’s used by teams to help keep track of team members’ progress and goals for the day.

    When the integration is enabled, Review Board can post status updates to the configured team any time a user has created or updated a review request or participated in a review.

    See the documentation for configuration instructions.

    Patch by Michael Udaltsov.

  • Added support for Gerrit as a hosting service.

    Gerrit is a Git repository management and code review service used by many open source projects and teams at companies. We’ve had many requests from users who want to leverage Gerrit for repository management but to continue using Review Board for code review.

    Review Board now supports posting code for review against a Gerrit repository. All code review continues to happen through Review Board. This does require the use of our own gerrit-reviewboard-plugin for Gerrit, which provides additional API needed by Review Board.

  • Added support for the modern GitLab API.

    Review Board now makes use of the modern GitLab API version 4. This is a more stable API, offering additional benefits like nested groups and better pagination for those hosting hundreds of repositories.

    Older GitLab installs using the older version 3 API will continue to work. Review Board will fall back on that if version 4 is not available.

  • Added support for repositories with self-signed SSL certificates.

    Repositories served over HTTPS and using self-signed SSL certificates will now prompt you to accept the certificate when adding or updating the repository. This works with self-hosted Bitbucket Server, Gerrit, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, and RB-Gateway services.

    Python 2.7.9 or higher is required for working with self-signed SSL certificates.

  • AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket Server, and Visual Studio Team Services now appear with instructions when configuring repositories.

    Support for these services are provided by Power Pack. If Power Pack is not installed, we now list these services in order to help provide guidance on how to download and enable support.

  • Added optional URL arguments for filtering the diff viewer.

    The diff viewer now accepts an optional ?filenames= argument in the URL for specifying a comma-separated list of filenames or Unix-style filename patterns to show. This allows URLs to be crafted, either by hand or from an extension, that shows only a subset of the files in a diff. These filters are retained when switching diff revisions or moving to other pages in a multi-page diff.

    There’s no UI for this today, but we may add this in a future release. See the documentation for more information on using this feature.


  • Added a new rbext create command for creating extension source trees.

    rbext create will generate a complete source tree for a brand new extension and its packaging, optionally enabling support for static media files and configuration. This lets extension authors begin iterating on an extension quickly. The generated extension can immediately be installed and enabled by Review Board.

    See the documentation for usage instructions.

  • Added new template hooks for the review request box.

    These allow for more fine-grained placement of information without having to manipulate the DOM. The new ones added are:

    • before-review-request-summary

    • after-review-request-summary

    • review-request-summary-pre

    • review-request-summary-post

    • before-review-request-fields

    • after-review-request-fields

    • before-review-request-extra-panes

    • after-review-request-extra-panes

    • review-request-extra-panes-pre

    • review-request-extra-panes-post

    See the documentation for details on these new hook points.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a deadlock that could sometimes occur during thread shutdown.

    We tracked down an issue that could sometimes occur with threads that have handled file attachment uploads, where they’d operate on garbage state and deadlock when mod_wsgi began shutting down or replacing threads.

    If you encounter issues where Apache is occassionally not responding to requests after upgrading to this release, please let us know.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed several problems with move detection not catching certain lines or representing move ranges incorrectly in complex situations.

Review Requests

  • The change description field for a draft no longer appears empty when first loading the page.

  • Extra unwanted padding no longer appears at the top of some reviews.

Account Settings

  • Improved the way we handle avatar settings and prevented additional problems with custom backends.

  • Fixed a crash when viewing the My Account page when syntax highlighting was turned off for the server.


  • Fixed a problem where integrations with custom configuration forms could end up not showing the Local Site field.


  • Fixed a crash when attempting to fetch the very first commit in a repository.

    Patch by André Klitzing.

  • Removed the need for the mercurial package to be installed on the server when using hgweb for repository communication.

    Patch by André Klitzing.

Active Directory

  • Improved logging when things go wrong, to help diagnose connection problems. (Bug #4658)


  • The user selector for groups and default reviewers no longer breaks if a user doesn’t have any avatars configured. (Bug #4655)

  • Fixed a bug in the loaddb management command where errors importing a database dump weren’t properly rolling back the transaction. (Bug #4629)

    Patch by Jeremie Corriveau.

  • Fixed the help text for the Media URL and Static URL fields in General Settings.


  • André Klitzing

  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Giulia Mattia

  • James Shephard

  • Jeremie Corriveau

  • Maram El-Salamouny

  • Michael Udaltsov

  • Zhaolin Deng