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Review Board 1.6.14 Release Notes

Release date: November 24, 2012

New Features

  • Accepted Subversion certificates are now stored in the database.

    Previously, accepted Subversion certificates were only stored in the .subversion/auth directory within the site directory. Now they’re recorded in the database, making it easier scale out.

  • SSH key handling has internally been made more flexible and extensible. We’ll be able to offer a better SSH key handling solution down the road for larger scale deployments.

Performance Improvements

  • The diff viewer now handle very large files.

    Previously, the diff viewer would have issues with very large files (such as files over 10,000 lines), as it would greatly slow down the rendering.

    Now, very large files can be rendered much faster. Even smaller files may have a noticeable speed improvement, and will reduce the load on the server. As an example, a 44,000 line sample file was known to take several minutes and slow down the server, while now it only takes a few seconds.

  • The number of database queries for the review request page has been further reduced. Per-file attachment and per-screenshot comment queries were being executed previously, which would add up when there were many file attachments and comments.

Usability Improvements

  • The Create/Update Repository forms now have more meaningful content for the Path field’s help text.

    The Path field’s help text will list useful information specific to the type of repository being created or updated, and not a giant wall of text.

  • The Create/Update Repository form’s default hosting account is now the first actual account listed for that hosting service, and not “<Link a new account>”, making it quicker to configure a repository.

Web API Changes

  • Review groups can now be added, modified or deleted using the API.

    This allows scripts to create new review groups, modify their data or user lists, or delete the groups. These are accessible via /groups/.

    The original work was done by Stephen Holsappie and Paul Hobb.

  • Review requests not backed by a repository can now be created by simply not providing a repository argument.

  • The Diff Comments resource now returns a 404 if the resource IDs in the path were invalid. It was previously showing 0 results instead. (Bug #2552)

    Patch by Michelle Chuang.

  • The User list resources now include an avatar_url field in the resulting payload that provides the Gravatar URL for the user.

Bug Fixes

  • The “Add Comment” link is no longer missing after canceling the edit field. Patch by Jason Veatch. (Bug #2696)

  • The “Server” field in the General Settings page in the Administration UI now reflects the proper server value, rather than being blank. (Bug #2757)

  • Added a better fallback for diff content encoding. (Bug #2776)

    Diff content encoding conversion no longer breaks if it can’t decode to UTF-8 or the repository-specified encoding. Instead, it now falls back to UTF-8 with unknown characters replaced with U+FFFD.

  • Mercurial version parsing no longer fails when including “rc” or other identifiers in the version.

  • Fixed some edge cases with data entered into the New Review Request page. (Bug #2708)

    If the user first chose a Perforce repository and entered a change number, and then changed the repository type to “None (Graphics Only)”, the change number field would still be sent to the server and cause a failure.

  • The starred groups list in the dashboard didn’t always show the right list of groups.

    The query was targeting the profile IDs in the database and not the user IDs, which in some cases would cause problems.

  • The “Comment Saved” bubble in the diff viewer had a broken style. The bubble wasn’t covering the whole text.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Jason Veatch

  • Michelle Chuang

  • Paul Hobb

  • Stephen Holsappie