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Review Board 2.0.26 Release Notes

Release date: February 9, 2017

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to Review Board 2.0.26, run:

pip install ReviewBoard==2.0.26


easy_install ReviewBoard==2.0.26

Security Improvements

  • Fixed an API call that would return too much information in the request, potentially overloading the server.

    Search Resource, when passing an empty search query, would attempt to return far too many results. Depending on the size of the server, this could end up using too much memory and swamping the server. We’ve fixed this API to always return a maximum number of results.


  • Simplified installation of dependencies for contributors to Review Board.

    If you’re working on the Review Board codebase, installing the package in development mode (running setup.py develop) will now install all of Python packages as Wheels instead of Eggs (simplifying installation on most systems), and will install the node.js dependencies needed for building static media.

    This should help contributors get going with development. It does not impact consumers of the Review Board packages in any way.

  • The complete list of package dependencies now lives in the reviewboard.dependencies module instead of setup.py.

    Package maintainers looking to update the list of dependencies in some way or wanting to stay up-to-date on the list of dependencies should consult the reviewboard/dependencies.py file. Note that only the Python dependencies listed in there are requirements for consuming the package. The node.js dependencies are only used to build the Review Board packages.


  • Search Resource now always provides a maximum number of results, preventing the server from being swamped.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed errors that could occur with Unicode passwords and API tokens for GitLab and other services. (Bug #4069, Bug #4472)


  • Greatly improved validation for cache settings, preventing possible breakages.

    It was possible to set some bad cache settings that would result in the cache backend failing to load and Apache processes taking on the burden, eventually causing slowdowns and crashes.

    We’ve made significant improvements to the cache validation to ensure that all cache information is valid when set.

  • Fixed crashes that could occur if failing to close an invalid cache backend.

  • Removed 404 errors and Permission Denied errors from the Review Board log file.

    These would often appear as errors with tracebacks, which was unnecessary and led to clutter.

  • Fixed localization issues with some fields in the administration settings forms. (Bug #4512)

    Patch by Raman Dhatt.


  • Fixed parsing binary file diffs in CVS.

    Entries for binary files in CVS diffs are now properly recognized and flagged as binary. This shows up in the diff viewer with a special message. Previously, these were either ignored or, in more recent releases, could cause a crash during parsing.


  • Fixed posting existing commits containing renamed files for review.

    When posting existing commits for review in the New Review Request page, posting would fail for commits containing renamed files.


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Raman Dhatt