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Review Board 1.7.14 Release Notes

Release date: September 15, 2013

Security Updates

  • We now require Django 1.4.8, which is their latest security release. It fixes a major denial-of-service attack vector against the authentication support. We strongly encourage everybody running Review Board 1.7.x to update to this release, particularly if you’re running a site exposed to the Internet.

  • Some API resources were accessible even if their parent resources were not, due to a missing check. In most cases, this was harmless, but it can affect those using access control on groups or review requests.

New Features

  • Added Team account support for Bitbucket.

    The new support for Bitbucket only worked for personal accounts. Now, when configuring your Bitbucket repository, you can select that it’s a Team account instead.

    All existing configurations are assumed to be personal accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • If django-storages was installed, but Amazon’s boto library for S3 was not, the Storage settings page would fail to load. (Bug #3062)

  • Fixed expanding the top-most chunk of a diff file. (Bug #3026)

  • For LDAP authentication, the fully-qualified DN is now used when binding. Patch by Harald Glock. (Bug #2836, Bug #3069)

  • The clickable overlay for file attachment thumbnails wasn’t positioned correctly in all cases, making it impossible to click parts of the thumbnail to navigate to the file.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Harald Glock

  • Mark Côté