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Review Board 2.0.10 Release Notes

Release date: October 23, 2014

Upgrade Notes

  • This release contains minor database schema changes to the reviews_reviewrequest and reviews_reviewrequestdraft tables. These changes simply add an index to the summary field.

Performance Improvements

  • Sped up the Dashboard when using the People, Groups, or To Me columns.

    These columns have been optimized to reduce the number of SQL queries, greatly speeding up the dashboard when used.

  • Sped up searching of summaries in the search field. (Bug #3619)

    There were performance issues with the search field when looking up summaries. We were looking up text anywhere in the summary, but this resulted in too much load on the database.

    For now, we are limiting search to the beginning of the summary text.

    In future versions, we plan to rework this search to allow for looking up text anywhere in the summary.

Bug Fixes

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed selection of text within a single line. (Bug #3631)

    This broke with the improved column-based text selection support in 2.0.9.

  • Fixed navigating between comment flags through key bindings. (Bug #3626)


  • Fixed problems loading and saving empty passwords.

    This broke with the hardened password storage in 2.0.9.

  • Fixed warnings in the log about naive timestamps.

  • Fixed searching for comment text for file attachment comments and screenshot comments in the database viewer. (Bug #3616)


  • Fixed filename parsing when referenced files in Git diffs contained spaces. (Bug #3558)

    While it doesn’t cover every possible case, the Git diff parsing does do a much better job now of dealing with filenames that contain spaces.

    Patch by Pierre Wilmot.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Pierre Wilmot