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Review Board 1.6.2 Release Notes

Release date: November 9, 2011

New Features

  • Staff members can now access all Local Sites.

    Server administrators can now view content on all Local Sites, instead of only the ones they’re a part of.

  • Auto-generated e-mails are now marked as “auto-generated” to avoid auto replies.

    This is recommended as per RFC 3834. Patch by Erik Johansson.

API Changes

  • Added API for deleting review groups.

    Issuing a HTTP DELETE on a review group in the API will now delete that group if the caller has the appropriate permissions.

  • Allow for archiving repositories.

    Updating a repository and passing archive_name=<value> will change the repository’s name to an auto-generated, archived name. This is useful when deprecating a repository, and will prevent name clashes in the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the default Apache WSGI configuration for subdirectory installs.

    The default WSGI configuration had a WSGIScriptAlias setting that didn’t work quite right for many users. Now, newly generated files should have a better default that works out of the box.

  • Added explicit permissions in the default Apache configurations.

    Depending on the default server configuration, several bits of media may break. We’re now explicit in the configuration we need.

  • The favicon for the page is now properly switching to the “New Updates” favicon on all browsers when there are review request updates.

  • Specifying bug numbers on review requests without a repository no longer fails. (Bug #2333).

  • Fixed saving captions for newly added screenshots and files.

  • Fixed using special characters in SVN URLs.

    If an SVN URL contained any special characters (such as most Unicode characters), posting a review request would fail. The characters are now handled sanely. Patch by Ralph Habermann.

  • Fixed Bazaar when pointing to a repository root that exists on the local filesystem. Patch by Michael Plump.

  • Clicking Cancel on an “Add comment” box now fully removes the box, instead of leaving a bit of it behind.

  • Fixed dashboard counters for brand new review requests on Local Sites.

  • Group names in the dashboard are now ordered by name in the sidebar.

  • Fixed a hard-coded media URL for the “Expand All” button.

    This would fail on subdirectory installations. Patch by Chris Tandiono. (Bug #2343)

  • Fixed a problem with IE8 where the “Publish” button on comment dialogs weren’t being shown.

  • Fixed API authentication failures when : was in the password. Patch by Dave Druska. (Bug #2334)


  • Ben Hollis

  • Christian Hammond

  • Chris Tandiono

  • Dave Druska

  • David Trowbridge

  • Erik Johansson

  • Michael Plump

  • Ralph Habermann