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Review Board 1.6.7 Release Notes

Release date: June 5, 2012

Important Updates

  • GitHub is soon moving to a new API and removing the one Review Board has traditionally used. This release of Review Board has been updated to support the new method for authentication that we need in order to fetch data from GitHub.

    If you use GitHub, you will need to edit each repository to link up to an account with access to the repository, and to edit your hosting service and bug tracker information to choose GitHub.

    This is a new workflow for repositories, so if there are any problems, please contact us.

New Features

  • Introduced a new model for hosting service integration.

    This release introduces a brand new way of integrating into various repository and bug tracker hosting services. In the past, you were able to select a service, such as GitHub, and it would populate the repository path and other fields, but it was nothing more than a convenience.

    Starting in this release, a repository can actually be associated with an account on a hosting service. This will allow us to use the hosting service’s APIs for fetching files, solving many of the problems users have hit with certain hosting services, and in the future, providing even deeper integration.

    This is used primarily for GitHub today. Better integration will be added for other services in the future.

  • Made the maximum diff size customizable.

    In 1.6.6, the maximum diff size was set to 1MB. While this didn’t impact most users in practice, it did cause issues in a few setups. We now turn off this limit, but allow administrators to configure it in the Diff Viewer settings page.

  • Added Plastic SCM 4.0 compatibility. Patch by Luis Rodriguez.

Web API Changes

  • Added a /api/hosting-service-accounts/ resource for querying existing hosting service accounts and for linking new ones.

Bug Fixes

  • Review Board no longer continues to show the Manual Updates page if the problem is resolved. Previously, a restart was required for the page to go away. This helps with issues where a server thread may attempt to reach the Review Board page when there’s a temporary database outage, causing that thread to be forever stuck.

  • Subversion now understands the $Header$ keyword. Patch by Alexey Neyman.

  • Setting the issue status on deleted screenshots no longer fails. Patch by Yazan Medanat.


  • Alexey Neyman

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Luis Rodriguez

  • Po-Chien Lin

  • Yazan Medanat