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Review Board 1.5.4 Release Notes

Release date: February 20, 2011

New Features

  • Added API support for creating/updating/removing repositories.

    The API now allows for creating repositories, updating existing ones, and removing them. This ability is restricted to administrators.

    The API can return a number of errors during repository verification, based on configuration problems or host access problems (such as bad or unknown SSH keys, or unknown HTTPS certificates). In the cases where it’s host-related information that needs to be verified, the API can respond to the error by repeating the request and sending trust_host=.

    More information on using this new API is available in the Repository API documentation.

  • Added API for change number-related updates.

    A review request’s information can now be updated based on a server-side changeset (when on repository types such as Perforce). The change number associated with a review request can also be updated. Both abilities were available in the old API, but not the new one.

    To update the review request’s information based on a change number, issue an HTTP PUT with changenum=<changenum> with the existing change number. Specifying a different change number will attempt to update which changeset the review request is referencing and then update the information from that.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix validation problems with the Search Index settings in the Administration UI.

    Search Index validation made some faulty assumptions that prevented saving the General Settings page under many cases. This was actually hotfixed in, but no overall release announcement was made.

  • Comments beginning in expanded regions of a diff and ending in collapsed regions should no longer break the diff viewer. (Bug #1564)

  • Usernames with @ in the name (such as when using e-mail addresses as usernames) are now allowed. (Bug #1712)

  • IntelliJ-generated SVN diffs should now be parsed properly. (Bug #1937)

  • The update_changenum method in the old API no longer returns an HTTP 500 error. (Bug #1948)

  • When replying to a review, names containing an apostrophe are no longer displayed incorrectly. (Bug #1980)

  • Using a bug number on a review request without a repository no longer causes an HTTP 500 error. (Bug #1982)


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Robert Munteanu