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Review Board 3.0.14 Release Notes

Release date: March 19, 2019


These updates only apply if you’re maintaining custom packages for Review Board. System administrators will receive these updates automatically upon installation.

New Features

  • Added a new UI for adding and configuring integrations.

    We’ve completely redone the Integrations page in the Administration UI, helping to manage larger numbers of integrations. Now, all the configured integrations are presented in a list, and can be edited or deleted from there. Adding an integration is done through an Add Integration button, which will display the entire list of available integrations.

  • Added a fallback avatar for when other services aren’t available.

    If a user or administrator opted out of other avatar services, we would log a failure each time we tried to render an avatar and then show a blank spot where the avatar would be.

    Now, we display a fallback, which is composed of the first two letters of the username sitting on top of a background with a color computed from the username.


  • Extensions can now make use of the features from Less 3.9 in their stylesheets.

    Previously, they were limited to the capabilities of Less 2.6. See the Less ChangeLog for the changes made since that release.


  • Added options for rendering avatars to HTML in User List Resource and User Resource.

    Performing an HTTP GET to these URLs with ?render-avatars-at=<size>,[...] or an HTTP POST with render_avatars_at=<size>,[...] will result in the avatars_html field in the response being populated with a mapping of sizes to rendered avatar HTML strings. This allows clients to retrieve avatars that are more complicated than a list of URLs (for instance, when rendering the new fallback avatar).

  • Review Request Last Update Resource once again shows the correct authors for reviews and review requests.

    Patch by Erik Johansson.

Bug Fixes

Review Requests

  • Fixed the author shown in the “New Review” bubble on the review request page.

    Due to a regression in a previous release, this user was sometimes shown as the owner of the review request and not the author of the review.

    Patch by Erik Johansson.

Hosting Services

  • Fixed a crash with the close-submitted hooks when missing review request IDs are referenced.


  • Fixed a regression in integration conditions with matching repositories and review groups.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Erik Johansson