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Review Board 1.6.12 Release Notes

Release date: September 24, 2012

New Features

  • Added support for incremental diff expansion. (Bug #342, Bug #603, Bug #1231)

    One of our oldest feature requests was to offer a way to expand only a few lines of a diff at a time. Currently, you can expand an entire collapsed segment of a diff at once, but when this is very big, that’s not very helpful.

    Now you can expand the lines above or below the header at 20 lines at a time by clicking the expansion links on the far left. Or you can expand up to the definition of the function or class listed by clicking the expansion button for that. You can still of course expand the entire contents as well.

    Whenever you expand part of the diff, a collapse button will appear that will allow you to easily re-collapse what you’ve expanded.

    This feature was sponsored by NetApp, Inc.

  • Replaced our old Report Bug and Bugs links in the top-right with Support. This takes you to our new Support tracker, where you can see our different support options and get help outside of a bug tracker.

  • Added support for Clear Case snapshot views. Patch by Tomasz Moń.

Performance Improvements

  • We no longer perform syntax highlighting for very large files.

    Files over 200KB in size are no longer syntax highlighted. This speeds up render time and reduces CPU time dramatically for large data files.

Hosting Service Changes

  • Fedora Hosted has been switched to use cgit instead of GitWeb. Patch by Stephen Gallagher.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a regression where users could see other users’ unpublished replies. (Bug #2710, Bug #2719)

    The recent optimizations triggered a bug where users could end up seeing unpublished replies from other users.

    Patch by Tommy Beadle.

  • Diff upload API errors now serialize the revision correctly.

    When a file can’t be found in the repository during a diff upload using the API, an error with the filename and revision is returned. However, if the revision was HEAD or PRE-CREATION, we wouldn’t serialize this correctly.

  • Fixed linking to bug numbers when they contain a #. (Bug #2449)

    The # was being included in the URL when it should have been stripped.

Clear Case

  • Filenames on Clear Case are now displayed in a more readable format. Patch by Tomasz Moń.

  • Fixed some issues with handling paths on Clear Case on Windows. Patch by Tomasz Moń.


  • Fixed Git diffs with deleted binary files. (Bug #2419)

    Deleted binary files in Git diffs were causing parsing problems. The entire entry would be skipped over, so it would never show up in the diff viewer.

  • Extended data in Git diffs (such as the author, description, etc.) is no longer lost when uploading a diff. (Bug #929)

  • The Binary files have changed parts in a Git diff are no longer lost when uploading a diff. (Bug #929)


  • Fixed support for hg git diffs with spaces in the path. Patch by G Coupar.


  • Fixed parsing of SVN diffs with property changes. (Bug #2359)

    SVN diffs with property changes used to break the diff parser pretty badly, due to their non-standard format. We now handle this format and parse it successfully.

    We don’t actually show any property changes in the diff viewer, however. More work will be needed before we have that ability. For now, they’re skipped over.

  • Fixed display of SVN diffs with changes in $Keyword$ formatting.

    In some cases, if a file contained an invalid keyword (using the form of $Keyword$ instead of $Keyword:$) and then tried to correct it, the resulting diff couldn’t be parsed due to how the keywords were expanded. We’re better about this now and ensure that the resulting diff can be viewed.

    Patch by Alexey Neyman.


  • Alexey Neyman

  • Christian Hammond

  • G Coupar

  • Stephen Gallagher

  • Tomasz Moń

  • Tommy Beadle