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Review Board 1.7.3 Release Notes

Release date: January 28, 2013

New Features

  • Add optional support for sending e-mails when closing review requests. This is off by default, but can be turned on in E-mail Settings. Patch by Raja Venkataraman. (Bug #422)

Compatibility Updates

  • The new support for Perforce moved files has changed. RBTools 0.4.3 will now require Review Board 1.7.3 at a minimum.

  • Review Board now works with SVN diffs generated in many non-C locales. Patch by Tetsuya Morimoto.

Web API Changes

  • Added a scmtools.perforce.moved_files capability to indicate moved file support for Perforce.

Bug Fixes

  • SMTP servers saved with additional whitespace will now have that whitespace stripped, in order to prevent lookup failures. (Bug #2620)

    Patch by Surya Nallu.

  • Fixed a crash when running a search index. (Bug #2872)

  • The listed creation time for a review request now reflects when it was first published, not when the initial draft was first created.

  • The “Add Comment” button on file attachment thumbnails is no longer shown if not logged in. Patch by Niklas Hambuechen.

  • Fixed a bug allowing for publishing blank review requests after filling in the field and then deleting them. Patch by Miguel Flores. (Bug #2870)

  • Fixed an occasional crash when viewing a diff when displaying a function or class header on the left-hand side but when there was none on the right-hand side. (Bug #2876)

  • Fixed a breakage on some systems when checking the Mercurial version.

  • The Summary field no longer overlaps text when wrapping. Patch by Greg Wang.

  • Fixed the review ID column when using Local Sites.

  • Using a custom SITE_ROOT with a development server setup no longer breaks all static media.

  • Fixed the capitalization of the “VersionOne” bug tracker entry.

  • Using ClearCase on Windows 7 should no longer cause console windows to pop up. Patch by Tao Zhou.

  • Fixed loading blank comments in the diff viewer. This is primarily a problem during development.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Greg Wang

  • Miguel Flores

  • Niklas Hambuechen

  • Raja Venkataraman

  • Surya Nallu

  • Tao Zhou

  • Tetsuya Morimoto